Jessica Alba Shares Throwback Photo With Jessica Biel

Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel need no introduction. They are two of the most recognized Jessicas in the world, who have made a fortune in Hollywood. But did really you know how long they’ve both been in the business?

Just this past Throwback Thursday, Alba posted a photo on her Instagram, that revealed just how young she was when she began modeling. The pic was taken for The Limited, in a ski resort setting. Five girls are standing against a field stone wall and smiling away. Their sweaters are dated, early 1990’s, solid colors, with brightly embroidered ski boots, and mountaintop designs.


Alba stands out in the pic, with a happy gaze, and a big smile. She’s holding a pair of red skis and wearing a black sweater, with a matching hat. To the left is Biel, the girl in a yellow sweater. Biel seems shy, nearly hiding behind another model, and resting her head on the girl’s shoulder.

Alba (@jessicaalba) captioned the pic with, "#Tbt this was one of my only “real” modeling jobs. I met @jessicabiel , I think I was 12 or 13... maybe 14? It was for The Limited Too which was a kids line connected to The Limited. #90’s.” There were also many, many heart emojis involved.

Perhaps Alba’s post was inspired by a #ThrowbackThursday model shot that Biel posted of herself, last June. In her shot, we can see the famous blonde looking noticeably younger. She looks awkwardly positioned with her arms high, elbows bent, and hands behind her head.

Biel captioned the post with, “Attention all aspiring models: this is an excellent pose… if you wanna look like you have no clue what you’re doing. #tbt”

After modeling young, both actresses obviously had great careers. Alba has gone on to make way more cash off of her business, The Honest Company. Meanwhile, Biel has enjoyed a resurgence in her acting career. She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in the USA mini-series, The Sinner. No doubt, it took years of hard work to get her there.

In fact, most of the stars in Hollywood, even the younger ones, have been in the game way longer than you imagined. Kaley Cuoco didn’t come out of thin air for Big Bang. She was doing Oscar Meyer commercials when she was five. Even kid actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio, from early Growing Pains days, started way before that, in Romper Room, when he was five.


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