Jennifer Lawrence Vomits During Broadway Production Of 1984

A Broadway production of George Orwell’s novel 1984 has been making headlines for its overly graphic presentation resulting in audience members getting physically sick. While this seems to be a common issue, there is now a more recognizable name that's fallen victim to the play's curse as actress Jennifer Lawrence vomited while in attendance on July, 17,2017.

Unlike other audience members, however, a friend of the actress said that the gruesome scene wasn’t the reason why Lawrence, 26, threw up, instead blaming the stomach flu, which she caught from her nephews. These claims are backed up as many people reported they saw her sick in the lobby before the show began. Though reports also claim many of the previous viewers had also been throwing up or fainting after watching the torturous scenes of the play.

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The Broadway production, which has created quite a bit of drama, features Olivia Wilde, 33, and Tom Sturridge, 31, as leads. When asked if she knew about people vomiting while watching the play, Wilde said that she isn’t surprised. Wilde says that it allows the audience to empathize in a fearful way which is emotionally and physically uncomfortable.

One of 1984’s directors, Duncan Macmillan says he made a point to not water down the violence. At one point during the performance, Sturridge, who plays the role of Winston Smith, gets electrocuted while at the audience.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the crowd got so uncomfortable during one performance that a fight broke in the audience and the police had to get involved. After several reports of viewers fainting and vomiting, the show’s directors Robert Icke and Macmillan are now planning to present a less graphic version of the play which allows 13-and-over-crowd to watch it.

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Macmillan said they are trying not to show anything so assaultive that it shocks people. It happened in the novel and is happening somewhere around the world right now. Macmillan believes they have two choices—make a toned down version which is acceptable to the public or present it the way it is and let it speak for itself.

Icke added that if the show is the saddest part of a person’s life, he isn’t reading the headlines of the daily newspaper. There are much worse things that are happening in the world. 


Wilde hopes that through this show people start questioning what is the truth and not settle for something lesser than that.

1984 ends its run on Oct. 8, 2017.

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