Jane Fonda & Megan Kelly In Heated Feud Following Today Show Appearance

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda are in the middle of a feud that is increasing in intensity following an appearance Fonda made on the NBC Today show in September 2017 while promoting the release of her new movie entitled Our Souls at Night.

Our Souls at Night is a story of two elderly people, a man and a woman who both lost their spouses but find each other and become friends to gain some relief from their loneliness. The friendship blossoms and they fall in love. It is a pivotal film because it brought Jane Fonda and Robert Redford back as stars together in a film once again.

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The last time Fonda and Redford appeared in a film together was in The Electric Horseman released in 1979. Prior to that, they were in Barefoot in the Park that was released during 1967 and The Chase released in 1966. Our Souls at Night is the fourth film that they have been in where they played opposite each other as romantic leads.


Refinery 29 said that during the NBC Today show interview, Kelly asked Fonda about her plastic surgery instead of the film. Fonda was offended by Kelly’s questioning as she already publicly discussed her plastic surgery so many times in the past. The interview was supposed to be about her current movie, which Fonda was excited to talk about.

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It is now certain that Fonda held a grudge against Kelly since that November interview. This was apparent when Fonda recently made another appearance on a different segment of the Today Show along with her friend Lily Tomlin. When Tomlin remarked, as a joke, that she has known Fonda for a long time, since before her first plastic surgery, Fonda retorted “Who are you? Megyn Kelly!”

When Kelly got wind of that dis, Kelly went into the attack mode. She called Fonda a hypocrite and then showed an edited video of all the times Fonda talked about her plastic surgeries in public. Kelly said that if Fonda really wants to have a conversation about the issues facing older women and Fonda’s plastic surgery is hard to ignore.

To make it worse, Kelly decided to dig the knife deeper by reminding us of the time when Fonda protested the Vietnam War during 1972 by going to North Vietnam where she commingled with the North Vietnamese soldiers. Photos of her trip to the communist country were widely circulated.

When Fonda was protesting the Vietnam War, Kelly was only two years old. To go that far back in time to rehash an old story about Fonda seems like a rather low blow. Perhaps Kelly can be more open about discussing her own plastic surgeries and leave the subject of Fonda’s plastic surgeries alone. On the other hand, we all get a cheap thrill out of watching a fight between powerful women.


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