James Franco's Strange Way Of Staying In Character For 'Disaster Artist'

What makes The Disaster Artist so interesting is that Franco stayed in character the entire time he was on set making the film. This is intriguing when we realize that Franco was the director of a film about a director making a bad film called The Room. He has the starring role in the film, where he is an actor playing a director. Confused enough? Well, you just have to see the movie to be able to put all the pieces together and remember that Franco is directing every scene you watch and he was always in character while he was on the set making the film.

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ABC News caught up with Franco recently and asked him how was he able to stay in character the entire time he was on the set making The Disaster Artist. This must have been quite a challenge, even for an actor as skilled as Franco. Franco admitted that it was “bizarre.”


"I talked like Tommy [behind the scenes]," says Franco. "But It also set an atmosphere."

Unknown to Franco, however, the crew would have to warn any guests that showed up to the set because he was so bizarre.

"Everybody that came to set... my brother and Seth would prep them and be like 'OK, the set isn't normal, James is directing in character."

The Disaster Artist is a film about a film called The Room that still being shown at midnight screenings around the world. Fans call The Room, the Citizen Kane of the worst movies of all time. The history of the film The Room is equally bizarre. The actor who played the lead in that film, whose name is Tommy Wiseau, who has kept any information about his personal life completely private. In real life, Wiseau tells everyone that he is an American from New Orleans.

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The Room looks like the film was made for $60,000; not the $6 million Wiseau supposedly spent to make it some twenty years ago. He financed the entire production budget himself and claims the money came from his retail sales of blue jeans. That story is highly suspicious.

Franco says that Wiseau watched The Disaster Artist for the first time at the South by Southwest Music Festival where it was screened for about 100,000 fans. After the screening was over, Franco asked Wiseau if he liked the film wISEAUreplied, “99.9%” Franco was curious and asked about the 0.1% that he did not like. Tommy said, director-to-director with great seriousness, "there was a problem with the lighting at the beginning of the film." That is when Franco noticed that Wiseau had on dark sunglasses that he wore throughout the entire screening.

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The Disaster Artist is made up of layers upon layers that reflect back upon themselves. It is showing in theaters now and getting rave reviews. Film buffs especially love this film.


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