Titanic Director Almost Beat Up Harvey Weinstein

Even male directors had to put up with a ton of crap from Harvey Weinstein when working with him. Weinstein was well known in the movie industry as being abusive to people who worked for him and to people who worked with him.

Here is the story about what happened between James Cameron, Harvey Weinstein, and Cameron’s friend Guillermo del Toro. First, let’s have a little bit of background on the men.

James Cameron directed some of the movies that had the highest gross box office of all time, such as Avatar and Titanic. He also directed many other outstanding films such as Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator II, Predator, and so many more. He is considered to be the best action film director of all time. He was and still is, good friends with director Guillermo del Toro.

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del Toro made the film Mimic, which was released in 1997, for the Weinstein Company. Toro has since gone on to direct Hellboy, Blade II, Pacific Rim and many other films, but del Toro describes his experience working with Weinstein was a nightmare. He shared all the details with Cameron about Weinstein’s arrogance and his abusive behavior to the staff, production crew, and talent that del Toro saw first hand.


In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cameron told of the time that he nearly hit Harvey Weinstein over the head with the Oscar that he just won for Best Director of Titanic. Weinstein came up to Cameron, during a break in the Academy Awards ceremony, to shake hands with Cameron on the night when Titanic won 11 Academy Awards. Weinstein started bragging about how great the Weinstein Company is when working with talented artists and new directors.

Cameron Wins Best Director Oscar For Titanic Via Getty Images

Cameron was not impressed. In fact, Cameron strongly challenged what Weinstein said based on Cameron’s knowledge of what happened to his friend Toro. You see, Cameron is one of the few people in Hollywood that is more powerful than Weinstein and so Cameron had no qualms about telling Weinstein to stuff it with his false bravado and lies about how good it is to work with the Weinstein Company.

The two almost came to blows in the lobby of the theater where the award ceremony was being held. Then, the music came on that was the announcement that everyone should return to their seats in the theater because the show was going back live on television. People tried to calm them down and they went back to their seats without exchanging blows.

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To this day, Cameron somewhat regrets that he did not bash Weinstein in the head when he had the chance. However, now, like many others, Cameron is satisfied to see that the arrogant, abusive, Weinstein is finally getting what has been coming to him all these years.


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