Jack Bauer's Love Interests On '24,' Where Are They Now?

Since 24 began its first run of eight seasons on the Fox network in 2001, it has grown a cult following that crave the next intense moment featuring its lead character, Jack Bauer, who is played by Kiefer Sutherland. During its original run and with its current comeback season on 24 Live Another Day, we have seen Bauer been a hero and a villain in the eyes of the American, Chinese, Russian, and English governments.

Another thing we have see seen throughout the entire series are the problems Jack Bauer has with maintaining a relationship with the women in his life. We have seen some die and others just get left behind by the toughest man on television. Some of these women have gone on to have successful runs on other television shows and also in the movies.

Sarah Clarke

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Throughout the first season, Clarke's character, Nina Myers, was one of Bauer's most trusted agents at CTU. Their previous relationship was made evident throughout the season, but at the conclusion of season one, it was revealed that Myers was a trader and was eventually killed in season three by Bauer.

Clarke has appeared on many shows and in numerous movies, including on Covert Affairs and in the Twilight movie series as Renée.

Leslie Hope

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The other woman in the life of Bauer during the opening season was Hope's character, Teri Bauer. When we first met her, we were made aware of a previous split in their relationship and the strain in put on their family. At the conclusion of season one, Teri Bauer was killed at CTU by the traitor, Nina Myers.

Since being killed off on 24, Hope has had a remarkable career that includes a current role on the No. 1 show on television, NCIS, where she plays the Secretary of the Navy, Sarah Porter. She also played President Foster on the recently cancelled NBC series, Revolution. 

Sarah Wynter

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The Australian actress became Bauer's love interest in the third season of the show and briefly made an appearance in season four, but only to be dumped by Jack. She played a pivotal role in the plot of season three, helping to prevent a terrorist attack led by her sister.

In her post-24, career, Wynter hasn't had as much success as other Bauer love interests, but was the star of the NBC show, Windfall, which survived just one season and 13 episodes before getting cancelled. She has also appeared in Californication, Damages and Stephen King's Dead Zone.

Kim Raver

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Raver's character on 24 was as Audrey Raines, the daughter of Secretary of State, James Heller. Raver's character is one of the most popular of all the love interests in the life of the series. Raver has appeared in season four, five, six and the current Live Another Day season.

Raver has had a long career in entertainment that began with Sesame Street. Other than her role on 24, she has also found great success on Grey's Anatomy, Third Watch and was also a member of the Revolution cast.

Connie Britton

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At the start of season five, we are introduced to Diane Huxley, played by Britton. She didn't make it too far as Bauer's love interest before giving way for Audrey Raines to get Jack back.

Britton has been nominated for numerous Emmy Awards during her television acting career including for her roles in Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story and her most current role on Nashville. 

Rena Sofer

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In season six, we are introduced to Marilyn Bauer, who was the wife of Jack Bauer's brother, Graem. Before Marilyn and Graem were married, she was in a relationship with Jack and her presence during this season brought back some of those emotions. We never saw them rekindle their previous relationship, but she was still an important part of the season.

Sofer has appeared in dozen's of shows and movies during her career. Before her run on 24, she appeared in shows like Coupling, Melrose Place and The Chronicle. In the years since, she has appeared on numerous shows including NCIS and The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Annie Wersching

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To date, Wersching's character, Renee Walker, has been the last interest we have seen Bauer with. In the opening episode of season seven, we are introduced to Walker who got Jack Bauer out of Senate hearings to help with a current case. What began as a oft-hot, oft-cold relationship, these two became intimate. In season eight, Walker was killed by a sniper just after the two discussed their plans for the future.

Since her time on 24, she has appeared as a guest star on shows like Castle, Revolution, NCIS, Touch and will have a recurring role in the new series, Bosch, which was recently picked up by Amazon after a successful pilot.

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