Insane Gunman Ambushes Police In Shooting Spree

An insane gunman ambushed officers responding to a domestic disturbance call Sunday, killing one and injuring four others.

Police were responding to a domestic disturbance call Sunday morning at a Highland Ranch apartment complex when the gunman opened fire, hitting all four responding officers. One was killed at the scene while the other three managed to crawl away and scream for backup.

“He knew we were coming,” said Sheriff Tony Spurlock at a news conference.

The gunman, Matthew Riehl, was an Iraq war veteran and former lawyer. He was killed in the shootout.


Officers were ambushed by Riehl at around 5:30 AM Sunday morning after having already responded to a previous domestic disturbance call earlier that morning. Residents reported two men shouting at each other and waking neighbors.

“The suspect was just making a ton of noise and annoying everyone around him,” Spurlock said.

Police responded, but left the scene without making arrests. Officers were called back at 5:15 AM after residents again reported a disturbance. Four deputies arrived at 5:30 AM and were given a key to the apartment by Riehl’s roommate. Riehl had barricaded himself in his bedroom and opened fire after police arrived.

Although each deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest, Riehl fired over 100 rounds from an assault rifle and managed to hit each officer where they weren’t protected by the vest. Deputy Zackari Parrish, 29, was shot several times.

Fellow deputies tried to drag Parrish away from the fire but were unable to do so due to their injuries. Parrish died at the scene.

The remaining deputies called for SWAT assistance, who arrived at 7:30 AM. After a brief shootout, Riehl was killed by police.

The surviving officers are listed as stable and are recovering in hospital. Two residents in neighboring apartments were also injured in the exchange.

Spurlock said that Riehl had no criminal history but was known to police. He declined to elaborate further.

Riehl is a former lawyer from Wyoming who recently began posting anti-law enforcement videos on his YouTube channel.


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Insane Gunman Ambushes Police In Shooting Spree