In Case You Forgot, This Is What Life Was Like Before The Internet Really Took Off

Kids these days can't imagine what the world was like before the internet existed, and some can't fathom how older millennials grew up in a world where they had to entertain themselves without a 5G connection. Wonder no longer! Here are some of the things that helped us pass the time.

The true purpose of Elmer's Glue was to capture our hand prints:

Plus there was a weird satisfaction with peeling it all off in one go

Hours on the computer were spent on the perfect Word Art:

We snacked...A LOT:

Most of these snacks have gone the way of the dinosaur, which sucks because they were delicious.

We played with our food:

This is how the duck bill Pringles look started too.

We ate said snacks while watching our favorite Disney VHS tapes:

The best ones were the sing-alongs, really.

Homework mostly looked like this:

And it was more boring and tedious then educational.

There was an upside to homework, like these bad ass pens:

Which were a great distraction by the way.

And if you made a mistake, you could always try to use the blue side:

But you had to be careful, because your paper.

And who needed scratch paper when you had this guy:

One wipe and all errors were gone. If only life were that easy!

At school we pondered life under a multi-colored parachute:

And this baby bottle was black magic witch craft to us

Yes, we were easily amused, but that's a good thing!

Speaking of witchcraft, this is how we tried to divine the future:

The kids who were good at math always got the best results.

Fans made musicians of us all:

And stacked markers made us into swordsman:

There was nothing the imagination couldn't conquer.

This was our starry night sky:

Ours to count as many times as we wanted before bed.

The internet is awesome, but sometimes we long for the simpler days where notifications didn't keep us up at night.

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