Idiotic Bus Driver Caught Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

If you haven't had your fill of unnerving videos today, here's a bus driver in Japan playing Pokemon Go while driving.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to Sanyo News, a passenger on the bus secretly recorded this video of a Ryobi Group tour bus driver in Osaka playing the addictive app while behind the wheel. The driver is so caught up in his game, it doesn't even look like he's paying any attention at all to the road.

Since its release, several fatal accidents have been blamed on people playing Pokemon Go while driving. Yet, here is a guy who not only chooses to do this while in his own vehicle, but while driving with several passengers on board.

The company has since apologized for the incident and banned drivers from having mobile phones when working. This is a phrase that should not bear repeating, and yet here it is:


You're not just endangering your life at that point, you're endangering the lives of everyone on the road with you. If you're this bus driver or have friends in the car, you're endangering the lives of all your passengers over a group of colorful pixels. It's not okay. The app tells you do not do this, and so does the rest of society.

Seriously, STOP IT.

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