[UPDATE] Home And Away Actress Taken Off Life Support

UPDATE: Despite some reports suggesting Jessica Flkholt passed away, new reports say she is still alive, though she has been taken off life support.

Home And Away Actress Jessica Falkholt has passed away after her family made the decision to turn off her life support.

The 28-year-old actress was hospitalized after a devastating car crash on Dec. 26, 2017. Her parents, Lars and Vivian, both died at the crash scene, while her sister Annabelle was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Sadly, 21-year-old Annabelle passed from her injuries on Dec 29, 2017.

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The fatal crash happened on Boxing Day morning as the family was on their journey home after spending Christmas Day with relatives. Craig Anthony Whitall, the driver of the other vehicle, was on his way back from a methadone clinic when the crash took place. He also died at the scene. Whitall was known to the authorities and had a history with drugs, having previously been imprisoned for other driving offenses. The investigation into the tragic incident will see the spotlight turned to Mr. Whitall and whether he was under the influence of narcotics at the time. Eyewitnesses told police that Whitall was driving recklessly on the road, swerving into the flow of oncoming traffic.

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The actress, who portrayed Hope in the Aussie soap, was initially given a 50/50 chance of survival by doctors after it was discovered she sustained brain damage as a result of the collision. Extensive surgery saw doctors remove one of her kidneys in an attempt to save her life. Despite brain surgery going well, a relative told News Corp Australia, "The neurosurgeon spoke to the family and said it could take weeks or months because they do not know how much brain damage there is. Her brain is like a Ferrari in that you can make everything look alright but you won't know until you turn the ignition whether the engine is going to start." The family made the hard decision to let Jessica go today, just a day after the funeral of her parents and sister. According to the Daily Mail, she was surrounded by friends and family.


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