Hollywood Using CGI To Give Movie Stars Digital Facelifts And Boob Jobs

Celebrities can go to any extent to make themselves look younger. While some go for botox and fillers, others choose post-production visual effects. It all started with Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and has come a long way in the last ten years.

In fact, CGI is the reason why Johnny Depp, who is 53 years old currently, looks no more than 26 in the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean. However, Depp isn’t the first one to undergo such age-defying treatments. Actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Michael Douglas, and Kurt Russell have also undergone digital facelifting to play younger versions of themselves.

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Back in the day, a lookalike would usually be hired to play an actor’s younger version. But of course, finding someone who looks just like the actor was a difficult job, which has now been made easier with CGI.

Lola Visual Effects, a leading visual effects company, is responsible for giving us a nostalgic flashback of Jack Sparrow’s young age. It is the same company that was hired by Marvel and to make Chris Evans aka Captain America look skinny, and Hayley Atwell look almost 70 years older in the sequels.

Gary Brozenich, an Oscar-nominated VFX artist, says that it is impossible for anyone else to play the younger Jack Sparrow, so using digital facelifting was the only option left. The filmmakers wanted Johnny to look how he looked back in 21 Street and Cry Baby. Since Depp had already appeared in several movies in his 20’s, the VFX artists got several reference points to make Jack Sparrow look younger.

It took 15 artists and an entire year to make this movie a reality. The only thing that the artists struggled with was Depp’s chin. As we know, old age makes our chin sag, and Johnny Depp, no matter how great he looks, is no exception. So, the filmmakers decided to shoot with a younger double and replaced Depp’s chin with his.

Depp’s latest movie, Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, released on 26th May 2017 and we are excited to know how Jack Sparrow looked when he was younger.

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