Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed Him To Take Advantage Of Women

The issue of Harvey eeinstein’s sexual harassment of women was so well known at The Weinstein Company (TWC) that there were specific provisions in his employment contract that dealt with such circumstances.

The fact that the TWC employment contract directly addresses this issue is outrageous. It is a clear indication that TWC was well aware of the behavior. The only concern by the board of directors was that the company would not suffer financial harm from Weinstein’s activities.

TMZ got their hands on a copy of the 2015 employment contract for Weinstein, which was the agreement that was in full force since that time until he was fired.

If Weinstein was sued for any violation of TWC’s code of employee conduct and the lawsuit resulted in a judgment or a settlement paid by TWC, then all Harvey Weinstein had to do was reimburse TWC for the money expended and pay TWC a monetary penalty. The penalty for the first offense was $250,000. For the second one, the penalty was $500,000. For the third offense, $750,000 was the penalty and $1,000,000 for any subsequent offenses.


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The contract also states that if Weinstein reimbursed TWC for any settlements or judgments that were covered by the company and he paid the penalty that this would “cure” the offense with no further action being taken. This means when women came forward and sued for sexual assault, as long as Weinstein paid up, he could keep his job and continue his behavior as if nothing happened.


Throughout the decades, many settlements were given to women who made claims that Weinstein allegedly assaulted them. Other women are just now coming forward with allegations, saying that for various reasons they were too intimidated to make a claim at the time when the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

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Not only was TWC complicit with supporting Weinstein’s illegal and inappropriate conduct, so were the many Hollywood stars, even those at the A-level. They knew about this problem and did nothing to stop it. Only now that Weinstein has been disgraced and fired have some of the A-list stars come forward. Weinstein was such a “kingmaker” in Hollywood and responsible for the success of so many stars that no one had the courage to challenge him. In fact, this behavior is part of the Hollywood culture and euphemistically called “the casting couch,” which is a phrase that reduces the serious nature of illegal sexual assault in a work environment.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences kicked Weinstein out of the film association with the statement that this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated by the movie industry. It certainly should not be covered by clauses in an employment contract that permits it to continue to occur with the person keeping their job. Anyone who acts this way in the workplace with allegations that are substantiated should be immediately fired.


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