Harvey Weinstein Eats A Nasty Slap At A Restaurant

Embattled former media mogul Harvey Weinstein was slapped in the face while out at a restaurant on Tuesday night.

The former Hollywood exec was out for a nice dinner at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale when a man only identified as Steve approached him and spouted epithets in his face before giving him a backhand slap.

Originally reported by TMZ to have actually been a more serious assault, a video has since surfaced revealing that rather than being punched Weinstein’s assailant merely verbally assaulted and slapped the former filmmaker.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was originally being shopped to media outlets for six figures. No word on how much TMZ paid for the video or if it was merely leaked.

Before the video surfaced it was originally reported that Steve had approached Weinstein to ask for a selfie while he was sitting down to a meal with his sober coach (a person assigned with maintaining the client’s sobriety while in rehab). TMZ then reported that Steve became angry when Weinstein refused and eventually punched him.


The video tells a very different story. Weinstein is seen wearing a stained grey shirt and a black toque while a man, presumably Steve, approached Weinstein while shouting “you’re a piece of s---” and “get the f--- out”. He then reaches up and gently backhands Weinstein twice in the face.

Weinstein’s sober coach attempts to stop the video by holding up his hand. At one point he seems to turn to the slapper and say, "And what would you do about it?" He then makes a half-hearted attempt to grab the camera.

While Weinstein certainly seems to have been caught unawares, the incident seems to be at least partially staged as the cameraman was able to catch the moment of impact perfectly without prompting.

Weinstein is currently undergoing rehab in Arizona. There’s no word as to whether or not he filed a police report over the incident.

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