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Harry Potter Reader Texts Friend After Accidentally Reading Erotic Fan Fiction

Harry Potter Reader Texts Friend After Accidentally Reading Erotic Fan Fiction

A Harry Potter fan came across a hilarious situation when her friend mistakenly read an erotic fan fiction which he thought was JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. Her friend sent her a text when he became concerned as the story took a malicious turn. After a long text conversation, the friends concluded that he was reading some intense fan fiction and not the actual book.

Shelley Zhang got a message from her friend, Chris, when the storyline of one of Harry Potter novels confused him. When Shelley uploaded the screenshots of their text conversation on Twitter, everyone went crazy. The tweet was captioned “Friend is reading Harry Potter for the first time and suddenly realizes he is reading a fan fiction rather than a real one.” The tweet received 56,000 retweets and 133,000 likes.


The text conversation started with Chris asking Zhang whether Dudley dies in Harry Potter. A confused Shelley asks Chris which novel of the series he was reading. Chris tells her that he is reading the Order of Phoenix, and the character Dudley committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Zhang’s  friend went on to explain that the wizarding age of consent was 15 in the world of Harry Potter fanfiction, and at the beginning of the book, Hermione supposedly sent a photo of her in a bikini to Harry. There is also an explicit scene mentioned about Snape and Harry’s mother, Lily, calling them former lovers.

Zhang ends the conversation saying that there’s no sex scene in the entire Harry Potter series since the books are for kids.

After apologizing for the whole ordeal, Chris sent his friend a screenshot from the book he was reading to prove that he was telling the truth. He also wondered how different the Harry Potter books had been if they had an alternative timeline, though Harry Potter fans would surely be happy about Harry and Hermione being together.


After her tweet went viral, Shelley posted another tweet saying that the best part of the conversation is how it made people laugh and made their day.

Even though the encounter was funny, it is important to buy novels or download e-books from the right source to avoid this kind of confusion.

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