Hanson Compares Justin Bieber Music To An STD

During an interview with the Hanson brothers on an Australian radio show, Justin Bieber's hit song, Descapito, came on. The Hanson brothers had a shocking reaction. He compared Justin Bieber’s music to an STD. In fact, the Hanson brothers had nothing nice to say about the popstar.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson make up a popular American boy band, Hanson. They come from Tulsa, Oklahoma and are best known for their 1997 hit song, MMBop, from their debut album, Middle of Nowhere

The Hansons appeared on Hit107 FM in Adelaide, South Australia and on the radio show, the three brothers were playing the game, “Whose Song is it Anyway?” When Justin Bieber’s song Descapito played, the brothers failed to identify the three artists behind the song: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Bieber. When the radio host told them that the song was Justin Bieber’s, they reacted unpleasantly.

After hearing the young pop star’s name, the brothers compared him to a venereal disease. One of the Hanson brothers said that he does not prefer to get any venereal diseases, so when Justin Bieber gets near him or his song is played, it is similar to ear infections. According to him, Justin’s songs are just that terrible.

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Another brother chimed in and said that it is like hanging out with a koala. He continued, saying that Justin’s music is like chlamydia of the ears. They also continued to explain that none of them listen to modern music.

The Hansons are currently on a world tour, Hanson Brothers, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their hit album, Middle of Everywhere. It is also their 25th anniversary as a boy band. They are currently in Australia and will be starting their Mexican/ South American part of the tour in August. After that, the brothers will be returning to the United States of America in September and will be performing in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, and at other locations.

Despite being compared to an STD, Justin Bieber is still one of the top musicians of the world. His songs, Decapito, and his collaboration with DJ Khaled, I’m The One, have got everyone hooked.

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