Mother Of Controversial H&M Ad Model Speaks Out

The mother of the young male model featured on a racist H&M ad is speaking out on Facebook.

And rather than accuse H&M of painting her son with a racial slur, she says the whole situation has been blown out of proportion.

Terry Mango lives in Stockholm Sweden along with her 5-year-old son and young fashion model, Liam. In a series of fiery Facebook posts, Mango says that she “doesn’t understand” the controversy and to “stop crying wolf.”

"Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled,” wrote Mango. “Stop crying Wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here... get over it."

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H&M came under fire earlier this week after an ad showing a young African boy surfaced wearing a green hoodie that had the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” written on the front. The public outcry included prominent celebrities like LeBron James, P. Diddy, and The Weeknd, who pulled his clothing line from the clothier once news of the ad got to him.

Most of the backlash was aimed at H&M, but not all. In an interview with Gulf News, Mango reveals that her Facebook posts caused some social media users to come after her as well.

“It’s horrible,” Mango said. “You wake up one morning and everything has changed.”

Despite saying they were against racism, some users began to throw the same slur used in the ad against Mango. “How can you fight racism if you make racist remarks,” she said. “You cannot try to defend my son and use the same words to describe me.”

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Terry's uncle, Clay Onyango, doesn’t share Mango’s view that the ad was blown out of proportion. Onyango states that the family is in contact with H&M, but isn’t sure what legal steps will be taken next.

“What we are hoping for is an apology,” Onyango said. “We have left a lot to the lawyers. We’ve not really decided what we want - we want to hear from them first, then we can go out with a press release. We are still talking to them.”

H&M has since issued an apology, stating they agree that the product was deeply upsetting and pulling it from their global inventory.


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