This Graphic Reveals How Many Calories Are Really In Your Drinks!

For many, drinks are the most essential element of almost any party or night out. A drink in your hand makes the perfect accessory, whether you're chilling at a friend's house or dancing the night away in a bar or club. They can be mixed and matched to complement any mood, atmosphere or scenario. Feeling classy? Go for a Martini. A little wild? Vodka Red Bull, please.

While that's all well and good, moderation is usually the key to keeping the happy fun times from degenerating into a sloppy drunken mess. If you need a little added incentive to keep the drinking under control (besides the notion of a wicked hangover), this info graphic might just do the trick.

The good people at clarityway.com have compiled a graphic containing some of the most popular alcoholic cocktails and their actual calorie counts, including a list of drinks to watch out for, all of which are deceptively high in calories.

Among the lightest drinks on the chart are the Gin & Tonic, Apple Martini and Mojito, at 170 calories each. On the other end of the spectrum we find the tropical and delicious Pina Colada at 552 calories (a Big Mac has around 540), Margarita at 491 calories and the classic Long Island Iced Tea at 445 calories.

Via clarityway.com
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