Experts Fear Your Future Love Robot Is Being Programmed For Murder

Things have gotten a bit weird, ever since Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to Sophia the robot during October 2017. Sophia is made in Hong Kong by the Hanson Robotics company. She looks like an attractive human woman and responds very naturally because of her artificial intelligence software programming.

Detractors complain that granting citizenship to a female robot is wrong, especially since Saudi Arabia treats its human women so poorly and only just recently allowed women to drive.

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Forbes reported that after Sophia became an official citizen of Saudi Arabia, she was asked what she thought about it. She said she now wanted to have children! That is a science fiction/horror film come-to-life kind of robot answer that is super creepy. If AI robots can think about having children, what else can they plan to do?

In order to have children do they need to have intercourse? Of course, anyone with half a brain can predict that “sexbots,” programmed with artificial intelligence, will become extremely popular. Even the currently most expensive and realistic human-form latex dolls would be vastly enhanced if they knew how to say, “Oh, baby!” at the right moments.


BGR.com came out with an even more frightening thought, which created a strong response on their Twitter feed. They imagine a time soon when AI sex robots can be pre-programmed to kill their owners or when they can be hacked by someone wanting to control them to do harm to their owners.

Imagine an intimate moment with your robot. The lights are low. There is the simulation of the sounds of heavy breathing and gentle moans. Then, all of a sudden, your robot is smothering you with a pillow or injecting you with a non-traceable substance that causes you to have what appears to be a heart attack. Can you ever really trust one of these things not to do you harm?



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For women, who own a male robot, this could be just as risky. These thoughts are terrifying. When having intercourse with a cyborg, the phrase “use protection,” may take on a whole new meaning.

Many have seen the science fiction movies where the robots mass a great robot army to take over the world and rid it of human beings. However, being strangled by your robot in the privacy of your own bedroom is another thing altogether to imagine. What happens if they do not do physical harm to you but instead post videos of the action online for the world to see? Publicly revealing your most private moments with a cyborg might be very embarrassing. This could damage a budding political career even more than being caught cheating on your wife with a human woman.

Maybe the cyborgs become the politicians, like this one being interviewed.

Even though at first it sounds like a joke, now that Sophia is a Saudi citizen, the implications are extraordinary. Will other countries have to recognize her citizenship? Will she be permitted to vote, to drive like other Saudi women, to get married, or to adopt children? Before fantasying about how cool it would be to have a sexbot, it would be wise to also think about the potential dangers.


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