Have More Sex To Get Smarter

This could be the best pick-up ever: scientific researchers determined that having sex makes people smarter.

This news is especially true for older Americans. Having a robust sex life after the age of fifty is the best way to avoid memory loss and feeble-mindedness that is common for most people as they get older. The researchers found that having a robust sex life was a significant factor for improvement in intelligence.

Refinery29 reported that the scientific study took a look at the sexual relations of 73 study participants that were between the ages of 50 and 83. The results of the study were published in the Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences. About half of the survey participants said they had sex once per week. 26 of the respondents said they had sex only about once per month. And ten of the respondents said they never have sex at all.

Of the survey group, those that had more sex showed significantly better cognitive abilities when compared to the others. They had better vocabularies and scored better on visual tests, as well. However, there was no significant difference observed between memory or attentiveness.


Researchers feel that the differences in intelligence can be accounted for by the different effects of hormones released in the body during sex. For those that had more sex, there is an increase in hormones that give pleasure such as dopamine. Another reason why scientists think those having more sex are smarter because they may be more active, which helps improve brain function.

Couples that are new to a relationship may start out having lots of sex; however, soon the pace of sexual frenzy subsides and it is more likely that they will have sex about twice each week. Intimacy may create a comfort zone that makes the sexual encounters diminish and reduces the interests to be almost boring.

One thing that happens is the exhaustion from working too much takes over and there is simply not enough extra energy to have great sex after coming home from work. One good thing that couples say about enjoying a long-term relationship is that they get to know each other much better and the sex is more intimate and enjoyable even if it is less frequent than when they first met. It is encouraging that perhaps there is a mental benefit from having a good healthy sex life and staying sexually active while getting older. This is just as important as getting regular exercise and having a nutritious diet.

Having more sex alone may not be the only reason why these people are smarter because there are many co-factors involved. However, what can it hurt to have better and more frequent sex?

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