FOX News Accidentally Starts Jimmy Carter Death Hoax

Ex-President Jimmy Carter is NOT dead, regardless of the erroneous reports on Fox News that said so.

The troubles began with a story posted on the Fox News website that was written by an unidentified Fox staff writer for the news network. In the article, it said, “Bush, 93 years and 166 days old, outlasted the previous oldest president, Gerald Ford, who passed away at 93 and 165 days old. Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter also died at 93."

Oops! GQ reported that the problem with those age calculations by Fox News is that Jimmy Carter is still very much alive. Both George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter are 93 years old. G.W. Bush is older by a mere 111 days. It is true that currently, George H. W. Bush is the oldest living president in U.S. History, however.

The mistake came about when Fox News relied on this list posted by Gabe Fleisher on Twitter.

It appears that the unnamed author of the piece for Fox News just assumed that the list of all the U.S. presidents with the greatest longevity showed only the dead ones besides the remaining single living one listed as George H. W. Bush on the top. We all wish George H. W. Bush well, however, Jimmy Carter still has a chance to outlive him depending on how long both remain alive.


George H. W. Bush has been ill or the past few years and needed to use a wheelchair to make his appearance. In comparison, Jimmy Carter looked very lively on the stage. Jimmy Carter was also ill previously, yet he has fully recovered. He is a brain cancer survivor, having beaten the illness.

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Jimmy Carter is still very active. He continues his humanitarian efforts to help bring about world peace. He made a sincere offer to have talks with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, like he did before with Kim’s father, which got the North Koreans to delay their nuclear weapons ambitions temporarily.

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Carter also plans to continue his annual hands-on work for a week each year to build houses for low-income families with Habitat for Humanity. Carter and his wife Rosalyn remain active as spokespersons for this highly successful charity. Jimmy Carter also gives many public speeches and participates in the activities of The Carter Center to wage peace, fight disease, and build hope.


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