Flight Attendants Reveal All The Dirty Airline Secrets Passengers Never Knew About

Reddit is on a roll lately with teaching us a thing or two about different industries. The latest? Airlines.

Flight attendants have gathered on the site to bear all about what happens on planes, and there are some great travel gems in the thread. For example...

Don't ever take your shoes off. Ever.

Multiple comments on the thread have served to remind us just how unsanitary planes are. For all you know, you might step in urine, feces, or vomit. Things get cleaned between flights, but during a flight there's not much they can do.

Never eat off the tray table.

While they clean the plane between flights, the tray tables do not get a wipe down. Make sure you never eat off the table or sanitize them yourself.

They keep body parts near your luggage, sometimes.

Body parts for transplants are often kept in the hold near your luggage and your pet.

The pilots sleep way more often than you think.

Way more than you think.

You're not the first person to quote "Airplane!" and you won't be the last.

But why add that to that?

Technical delays happen, don't panic

And dear god, don't smoke on the plane.

If you should ever have to assume the crash position, don't interlace your fingers over your head.

They might look interlaced in the pamphlet, but it's ill advised to actually do so.


The thread contains all kinds of useful information. You can read the rest of the responses here.

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