10 Best Fidget Spinner Tips (And Tricks)

10 Best Fidget Spinner Tips (And Tricks)

Fidget spinners are the latest craze to sweep the planet and it’s not hard to see why. Marketed originally as a means of controlling stress, spinners have since transcended their humble beginnings to be as much about fun and fashion as they are about relief. Who would’ve thought that a little twirling piece of plastic would get so far?

But unless you’ve been fidgeting from the very beginning, you might have let your spinner skills fall by the wayside. If you need to up your spinner game, then we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you from the very basics of spinning to the heights of fidget tricks.

Here's our 10 Best Fidget Spinner Tips And Tricks.

Hold Using The Tips Of Your Fingers

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We start very much with the basics, which in spinning all comes down to your grip. You should always hold the spinner firmly with the tips of your fingers in order to avoid accidentally brushing your spinner while it’s spinning. Using your fingertips puts as much distance between the rest of your hand and the spinner, minimizing the risk of an embarrassing accident.

Maximum Spin Makes Tricks Easier

Spin spinner
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Another no-brainer to start, but important nonetheless: try and spin your spinner as fast as you can. The faster your spinner spins, the longer it will keep spinning and the easier it will be to perform tricks. The centrifugal force exerted while a spinner is in motion keeps the spinner steady while you’re flinging it around. Plus it looks cooler.

Grip The Spinner Between Thumb And Forefinger

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Along with using your fingertips, you should focus on placing the spinner between thumb and forefinger in order to achieve the best grip. You can switch it up with your middle finger from time to time (or if you have particularly small hands and need the extra space), but the forefinger has the most power so it will let you grip the spinner more firmly.

Trick 1: The Hand Transfer

Hand tranasfer
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Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s go over a few tricks. First, the hand transfer. Get your spinner up to speed and then grip in one hand with your thumb and forefinger. Then, toss the spinner lightly to your opposite hand, trying to keep the spinner horizontal to the ground. Catch the spinner using your thumb and forefinger with your opposite hand in the middle so it keeps spinning.

Trick 2: Reverse Polarity

reverse polarity
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This one might even be easier than the hand transfer. Again, start with spinning your spinner and gripping horizontally between thumb and forefinger. Then, twist at the wrist so the spinner is upside down. Note the way the spinner tugs at your hand while you’re flipping it over - that’s its inertial force trying to fight the motion, and what keeps the spinner steady when you toss it in the air.

Trick 3: Finger Transfer

finger transfer
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Here’s where we start to get fancy. Spin your spinner and then balance it on one finger. Then, carefully, try and shimmy it over to your adjacent finger. You may need to pop the spinner in the air briefly in order to get it to move. Continue until you reach your pinky finger, aiming to get it all the way over while it’s still spinning.

Trick 4: Hand Twist

Hand Twist
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We start again with balancing a spinning spinner on one finger. Then, bend at the wrist and try and rotate your arm around the spinner, keeping the spinner in the same spot as best you can while still balancing on one finger. When your arm is bent as far as it can, bring the spinner upward by untwisting your arm, trying to be as smooth in your motion as possible.

Trick 5: Around The Back

Behind the back
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This one may take a few attempts to get right. Start by spinning your spinner and gripping in thumb and forefinger. Then, bring the spinner around your back and toss it lightly into the air. Catch the spinner before it hits the ground with the same hand that tossed it. You know you’ve done the trick right if you catch it in the middle cap and the spinner is still spinning.

Trick 6: Spinner Switch

Double Transfer
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For this trick, we’ll need two spinners in each hand. Get them both spinning (you can do this one handed using your middle finger or by smashing them against your knee) and then hold them out in front of you horizontally. Then, toss each spinner to the opposite hand simultaneously so they switch. The trick here will be tossing the spinners in a way so they don’t crash into each other in the middle.

Trick 7: Under The Leg

Under the leg
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Our pièce de résistance will require all your previous spinner skills so far. Get your spinner spinning and lift up your leg, then bring the spinner beneath and under your leg and toss it into the air on the opposite side. Catch the spinner in the same hand the tossed it. Much like behind the back, aim to catch the spinner in the middle cap so that it stays spinning.


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