Feast Your Eyes On the World's Most Expensive Car

Some vehicles cost a lot of money because they are vintage. Of course, vintage is just another meaning for "hard to find" and that substantially increases its value. Other vehicles cost a fortune because they are high-end. Naturally, high-end is just another term for "I have more money than you" for its owners, pushing its value any higher. But how many cars are vintage and high-end at the same time? In reality, it's only a few. One of those cars is the 1962 Ferrari GTO, looking at setting a record for being the most expensive car ever sold at $56 million.

$56 Million?!

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You read that right: $56 million. What most car dealers hope to make in a decade, one British dealership is going to get on one sale. What's most amazing about the car is that this is the first time it has been up for sale in 20 years. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but considering that only this classic racer was painted blue strictly for the North American Racing Team to distinguish it from the other cars, it makes not only a slick speedster, but an extremely cool and rare one at that.

Does It Pass The Test?

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In the two-prong test of vintage and high-end, this car passes with flying colors.

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