The 8 Fastest Personal Drones

The Fastest Personal Drones

Do you have a need for speed? Then drones may be your new best friend. These little electric dynamos are capable of acceleration so extreme that no human could ever endure them without passing out from the g-forces.

Lucky for us, we can experience all the adrenaline-soaked velocity while staying comfortably on the ground. Drones now come with first person view goggles which give you a drone's eye view of all the action. You can dive bomb your friends and take snapshots of the stupid looks on their faces as you zoom past at speeds never meant for man.

Just don’t lose control at these speeds, otherwise you’ll be out a very expensive drone.

If the need for speed has taken hold of you, then here are some of the fastest drones you can get your hands on.

Phantom 4
via DJI

45 miles per hour may seem like a stately pace, but that’s faster than most cars coming down your quiet suburban street. The DJI Phantom 4 is a great example of the fast end of professional camera drones, and even when built for stability over speed they can achieve some pretty respectable velocities. This drone will have no trouble keeping up with skiers and snowboarders tumbling down a mountainside, and it’ll get some great action shots at the same time.


Eachine 220
via Reya Dawnbringer on YouTube

We’re heading into real drone racing territory with the Wizard X220. This little drone is built for speed on a budget. As little more than a radio transceiver inside a carbon fiber box with electric motors on each corner and a camera in the front, the Wizard is as barebones a drone as you can imagine. But cutting out all the excess means it can go as fast as cars on a highway.

via Cnet

If you’re highway speed drone simply must have a stylish body, then the Teal is the drone for you. The carbon fiber and plastic bodywork make this racer the iPhone of the drone world. All that style didn’t come at the expense of speed though, as this bad boy can keep up with the best of them. Just be sure you can afford it’s $1300 price tag.

via verticalhobby.com

Furious is a great name for this drone. The tilt of the propellers, the angle of the body - all of it spells angry with a capital A. And this drone is big: at over a kilogram in weight (2.2 pounds), this is a heavy drone to go so fast. Even a carbon fiber body couldn’t keep all the tech packed into this drone from weighing it down. All the same, it’s still capable of speeds that can outrun some cars.

Racer 3
via The Verge

The official drone of the Drone Racing League, this is a proprietary drone that’s provided to all pilots that race in the league. The world of drone racing is filled with do-it-yourself custom jobs, and having a single drone for competitors keeps everything on an even playing field. Some argue it stifles innovation, but with a top speed of 85 mph, the Racer 3 is plenty fast enough. Any faster and the league would have to spend more money replacing all the drones that crash.

via FPV.tv

Following the same racing design philosophy as the Wizard, the Crusader eschews as much fancy tech as it can in the quest for extreme speed. The Crusader goes so fast it’ll burn through a 1300mah battery in less than 5 minutes if flown flat-out, so it’s recommended to have a few spares handy for extended use.

via banggood.com

When Eachine decided to go for broke, they made the Falcon 250. Powered by 4 massive 2300KV motors on a barebones carbon-fiber body, the Falcon 250 is capable of speeds that can outrun most production compact cars. But even better than the speed is the acceleration, able to go from 0-60 in less than a second. At these speeds, this is not a drone for beginners.

via Varavon

For a drone that can keep up with real racecars, look no further than the Varavon Pathfinder S. The aerodynamic Y-shape design is built for speed above all else. It’s also waterproof, so you can fly this thing in a thunderstorm if the adrenaline rush of 124 miles per hour isn’t enough for you anymore. But keep in mind you’ll probably need a license just to fly this thing.


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