Facebook Clears Man Of Assault Charges After YEARS In Jail

Facebook Clears Man Of Assault Charges After YEARS In Jail

A man in the UK is free from prison after Facebook messages thought to be deleted clear him of charges.

Danny Kay, 26, a welder from Derby UK, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years behind bars for rape back in 2013. The police had provided an edited version of Facebook conversations that made it appear like he had been the perpetrator of the alleged rape - a charge that Kay has continually denied.

Kay spent two-and-a-half years behind bars with other convicted rapists and was forced to attend psychologist appointments as authorities believed he was still in denial of his conviction. All the while he pleaded with police to review the evidence once more to confirm his innocence.

Danny Kay, Maddison
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It wasn’t until Kay’s sister-in-law, Sarah Maddison, logged into Kay’s Facebook account to review his side of the messages that it was discovered how badly the messages had been edited by authorities. Rather than support his accuser, Kay’s messages supported his version of events, leading to his conviction being overturned in a court of appeals.

“Even now, with the conviction quashed, I still can’t believe that it took years of pain and stress for this nightmare to end,” Kay told DailyMail. “And the terrifying thought is that if the police and justice system could fail me like this, it could happen to anyone.”


"Why didn’t the police check my Facebook account when they had my laptop and login details right from the start? Why did it take my sister-in-law to find the evidence? This isn’t some small matter, this is my life and for the police not to do those basic checks is horrendous."

Missing Facebook message
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Kay was arrested by police in late 2012 on suspicion of rape. His accuser provided police her Facebook conversation to support the charge, but she had deleted many messages to make it appear that Kay was the alleged rapist.

In 2013, during Kay’s trial, the jury believed that it Kay had been apologizing for the alleged rape, but in fact, had simply been apologizing for fling the pair had in March of 2012.

The full conversation proved the sex was consensual.

“We will be reviewing our investigation to find out whether lessons can be learnt,” Derbyshire police said in a statement.


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