Evangeline Lilly Posts Steamy Video of Home Workout

Canadian author and actress Evangeline Lilly is known for her love for fitness. Even after the birth of her first born, she was back exercising and boasted a fit post-baby body. The actress uploaded a steamy video of her exercising on the stairs of her house wearing a sports bra and shorts.

The 38-year old is best known for her performance in ABC series Lost, The Hobbit, and The Hurt Locker. Lilly won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2005 and nominated once for Golden Globe. Recently, the actress uploaded a video of her working out at home. In the video, Lilly is seen running up and down the stairs of her home. She wrote a huge caption for the post and said that exercising is motivational for her.


Lilly wrote that she is passionate about stories because it connects to her life. Whenever she is shooting, Lilly believes that the movies can touch and inspire any viewer. When she writes stories, it becomes a part of her life. Whatever choices she makes, directly become a part of the life she is progressing towards and shapes her dreams and aspirations. Whenever she works out, she pushes her an extra mile and if she is bored, she runs up and down the stairs. Lilly said that she rather than sleeping while her children nap, she travels to a whole different world in her mind, imagining things and creating stories.


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Lilly and her longtime boyfriend, Norman Kali, have two sons together—Kahekili, six, and her second son is two (name not revealed yet). Her boyfriend is a stay-at-home father and takes care of their children while she works. Lilly says that they are both comfortable with the arrangement. Back in 2015, when she was pregnant with her second son, Lilly said that she has always wanted six children. She had her first baby at 30 years of age and second one at 35 years, but both her pregnancies were very different. Lilly would like to have more children because she loves being pregnant. However, her partner and she has decided to adopt four children. She feels that these four adoptions will mostly be international.

Lilly was earlier married to Murray Hone from 2003 and 2004 and met her partner, Norman Kali, in 2010 when she was shooting for Lost. He was the assistant producer for the show.

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