Emirates Just Nailed Their Latest Commercial With Jennifer Aniston

Leave it to Emirates airlines to set the bar even higher with their features and amenities; whether in flight or off. You might remember them featuring Jennifer Aniston in another commercial a while back, and they've done it again. The one and only Rachel Greene is shown flying aboard the luxurious A380 and effortlessly shows us why this is the only airline anyone would want to fly with. Provided they could afford the cost of the ticket.

Before we list the jaw-dropping cost of this 'experience', let's take a look at what they offer. Emirates' Economy class would put many other airlines to shame with their ample legroom, comfy seats, gourmet meals, and individual screens with their signature ice TV featuring tailored channels and entertainment for the whole family. (We swear they're not paying us to advertise.) Business and First class tickets take the flying experience to another level with an onboard lounge. The best part, though, is the private suite and, get this, shower and spa for First class customers. This is probably the single thing every airplane passenger craves— a simple shower. And Emirates gives you just that.

Now, the depressing part; let's talk money. Not taking into account hotels, add-ons, and other variables that cause prices to fluctuate throughout the year, the current price to fly from New York's JFK airport to Europe in Economy class is roughly $1,000. For Business class, $8,000. And finally, First class will cost you a whopping $16,000. This is insane. But how badly do you want that in-flight shower?

Regardless of the cost and whether you care for these features or not (admit it, they're pretty cool), Emirates' marketing team deserves a heck of a lot of credit for this commercial. Jennifer Aniston. Soon after the Brangelina break-up. With jab after jab at competitors and their measly "features". Guys, this was awesome.

In case you weren't convinced at the epic-ness that is this commercial, take a look for yourself:

Sources: emirates.com

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