Elton John Retiring After 50 Years Of Touring

Elton John

It’s the end of an era as Elton John announces his final tour.

The Rocket Man announced will be retiring from touring after 50 years of playing his music to sellout crowds around the world, but not before he has one last hurrah.

At the same time as announcing his touring retirement, Sir Elton John announced that he will also go on a final tour entitled Farewell Yellow Brick Road.

"I wanna go out with a bang," Elton told Anderson Cooper in an announcement streamed on YouTube Wednesday afternoon. The tour is scheduled to begin in September and will take place at venues worldwide.

Elton John
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Elton stated the upcoming tour will be the biggest and best he’s ever done.

With over 50 top forty hits and album sales greater than 300 million, Elton John is considered one of the greatest musicians of all time. However, at age 70 and with two young children, Elton expressed a desire to take a step back from his career to focus more on his family.


"10 years ago I would never have dreamt I'd have children," Elton said, noting that after this final tour he plans to continue making music, "But mostly I'll be taking my kids to soccer practice.”

“When I stop [the tour], they will be 10 and eight and that’s a very important time in their lives. I don’t want to miss them, and I don’t want them to miss me,” he said.

Elton fans will be pleased to know there will be plenty of opportunities to see the prolific songwriter before he hangs up his piano shows. The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour will be over 300 concerts spanning five continents, beginning in Pennsylvania in September 2018.

Tickets are on sale begin on February 2nd, with Elton’s website crashing shortly after the announcement was made. As of the time of this writing, the website still seems to be having difficulty handling the enormous amount of traffic generated by Elton’s announcement.

During his streamed interview and announcement with Cooper, Elton revealed that this was a family decision, involving his husband and two sons. "This was decided in 2013," John revealed, adding, "I can't go on forever.”


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