Dutch Construction Worker's Photo Goes Viral Because He's Beautiful

There’s nothing quite like getting a genuine compliment, but for this Dutch construction worker, it may have changed his life!

Nicky Libert, a 26-year-old living in Amsterdam, was working when he was stopped by a group of girls who asked him if he was a model, and if they could photograph him. One of the photos, taken by Twitter user and fashion photographer @Maddoluu went viral (the user has since made her Twitter account private).

As soon as the photos hit the internet, Libert’s face began popping up on social networks across the globe. The reactions have been INTENSE.

It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to find him on Instagram which blew up from just a few hundred followers to over 30,000 followers overnight.

New Ray-Ban 😎 #spoiled#myself

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Libert stated that he had never planned on modelling professionally and took photos for fun. That didn’t last long though! As a result of the viral photos, he’s been signed with modelling agency Elite.

The professional shots have already begun rolling in, and they are incredible:

Photo taken by @miloudouze @elite_amsterdam_boys ❤

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This proves just what a magical place the internet can be!

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