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Donald Trump Threatens To Pull “Fake News” Outlets From TV

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Donald Trump Threatens To Pull “Fake News” Outlets From TV


The President’s feud with NBC News continues this week after Donald Trump accused the broadcasting company of producing fake news and threatened to revoke their broadcasting license should it continue.

“With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks,” Trump tweeted, “at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

The scathing tweet comes after NBC News reported that during a July 20, 2017, security meeting with high ranking military officials Trump suggested that the United States increase its nuclear stockpile as much as ten times current levels.

According to three officials in the room during the meeting, Trump’s request came after he was presented with a slide showing how much America’s nuclear weapons arsenal has declined since the late 1960s. Trump noted that currently, the United States is at the bottom of the curve, and said that he wanted a larger arsenal as a result.


Trump’s advisers, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, acted with surprise at the request. They then explained the legal ramifications of an expanded US nuclear arsenal, noting that it would “violate international disarmament treaties signed by every president since Ronald Reagan”, according to NBC.

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In follow up interviews, officials confirmed there are no plans to increase the number of nuclear weapons in the United States arsenal.

According to NBC News, the meeting was also the source of Tillerson’s infamous “moron” comment, in which the Secretary of State referred to Trump’s understanding of military affairs. After the meeting broke up, the officials that stayed behind allegedly heard Tillerson make the remark once Trump left the room.

On Oct. 4, 2017, NBC News also reported that Tillerson considered resigning following the July meeting and that only after speaking with Vice President Mike Pence did he decide to stay on with the administration.


Tillerson denies reports that he threatened to resign, saying, “The VP has never had to persuade me to remain secretary of state because I have never considered leaving this post.” However, he did not explicitly deny that he had called Trump a moron.

President Trump also took to Twitter following the earlier NBC report, denying Tillerson had ever threatened to resign and again accusing NBC of producing fake news.

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