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DMX May Go To Jail After Visiting His Family

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DMX May Go To Jail After Visiting His Family

Via Page Six

Rapper DMX may wind up in jail after a recent trip to see his family. But it wasn’t because of any family feud that happened while he was there.

It’s actually because it was a violation of his parole.

The famed rapper/producer is out on bail after being arrested for tax evasion. One of the conditions of his bail is he has to notify his probation officer whenever he leaves New York. He recently went to visit family in St. Louis but forgot to tell his probation officer.

That little slip up could land DMX in the slammer for the duration of his trial.


DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, spoke to TMZ recently regarding the incident. He says he usually tells his probation officer whenever he travels outside of the state for performances, and he likely just forgot to mention it this time.

Richman hopes the judge will show some leniency for the minor mental lapse as it was just a family visit. However, if the judge doesn’t throw the book at DMX it’s likely he’ll increase the restrictions of his bail, such as requiring him to wear a tracking ankle bracelet.



A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office said that DMX was due back in court this week.

DMX is currently on trial for 14 counts of federal tax evasion. The US Attorney’s Office says he owes as much as $1.7 million in federal back taxes.

According to US prosecutors, DMX evaded paying taxes by living mostly on cash, avoiding personal bank accounts, and using surrogates such as friends, family, and business managers to hide his wealth.


Court documents show that when DMX appeared on the show Couples Therapy, he demanded that the producers of the show cut him a new check after his $125,000.00 payment had the taxes withheld. The producers eventually caved to his demands and cut him a check for the full amount.

Documents also show that DMX was rather creative in his federal tax return statements, listing his income in 2011 and 2012 as “unknown”. Prosecutors allege that DMX actually made $353,000 and $542,000 in those years, respectively. In 2013, he stated his income as merely $10,000, but prosecutors say it was closer to $250,000.

If convicted on all counts DMX faces as much as 44 years in a federal prison.

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