Crazy Selena Gomez Fan Sends Phallic Shaped Bouquet To Her House

Former Disney star and pop star Selena Gomez is loved by one and all across the globe. But you’ll be shocked to know that a crazy fan of hers sent her a phallic shaped bouquet. The fan is reported to have hand delivered the bouquet along with other gifts.

According to law enforcement sources, the 24-year old fan showed up at the pop star's San Fernando Valley house on Friday morning. Other gifts included more flowers, food, and some random things. Gomez’s security realized say they’ve seen him before.

Other fans of Gomez who were present there told the security to beat up the guy and later the Los Angeles police was called. Earlier in the day, the police received a call from the florist shop that made the phallic arrangement bouquet, who informed the police about the man planning to present it to Gomez.

Via: usmagazine.com

Los Angeles police department matched the reports from the florist shop and Gomez’s security and will be handling the singer songwriter’s fan following.

This isn’t the first time, Gomez was troubled by her fans. In 2014, a man named Che Cruz intruded Gomez’s house two times in one week. The court charged him with felony stalking and violating and was ordered to stay away from Gomez. The man, then 20, apologized for his mistake and was left on bail after paying a hefty amount of $160,000.


In another incident in February 2014, a man named Juan Garcia was found guilty of trespassing the singer’s Tarzana, California home. Garcia had to spend 120 days in Los Angeles County Jail and was also ordered by the court to say at least 150 yards away from the former Disney star at all times after release. He was then sentenced to three years probation.

These past few weeks have been difficult for the 25-year old. Gomez her Instagram account was hacked and a naked photo of her ex Justin Bieber was posted.

Gomez is a strong woman and never lets any man determine her happiness. Even after their breakup, Bieber and Gomez remained friends.

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