7 CRAZY Black Friday Horror Stories That'll Make You Stay Home

It’s that time of year again as Black Friday—arguably the biggest shopping day of the year—is nearly upon us. Unfortunately, though, the infamous shopping event isn’t just known for its mega-deals, as the popular Thanksgiving tradition has been plagued with a terrible reputation for decades, as it is often described as the most dangerous shopping day of the year.

Complete with fights, stampedes, feces, and even arrests, it not hard to see why so many shoppers are opting to stay home this holiday, instead of facing the crazy crowds that Black Friday often brings with it each and every year.

Thankfully though, instead of having to witness these incidents yourself, a number of staff members (often those that are forced to work this horrible tradition) decided to share some of their most horrifying stories that they have ever witnessed.

These seven terrifying stories will undoubtedly make you want to stay at home this Black Friday.

Walmart Employee Trampled To Death

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Arguably one of the most tragic events to have occurred on Black Friday is the incident that occurred in 2008 when Jdimytai Damour—a Walmart holiday worker —was trampled to death while working on the famous holiday in Valley Stream, New York.

The incident occurred during the early hours of the morning when witnesses claimed that after the doors to the store shattered, the crowd outside began to storm the building, causing Damour to be thrown back onto the floor, and trampled as the crowd rushed for the limited time bargains.

After being taken to hospital, Damour was unfortunately pronounced dead just a few hours are the incident occurred. Damour wasn’t the only victim of the unruly crowd as four other individuals were also injured during the event—including a woman who was eight months pregnant.


Fist Fights Are The Regular

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If you’re planning to head out this Black Friday, you better hope that you’re well protected as fistfights are a regular event. That’s right, some shoppers have been known to get so worked up over losing out on that last bargain that they have thrown punches at those that beat them too it.

One Walmart worker claimed that he once had to break up a fist fight—blood and all—over a bike. He claimed that eventually, one man got a hold of the bike and broke away from the crowd, riding it straight out of the store without even paying for it.

The shopping frenzy has even been known to bring out the worst in those that have never even thrown a punch in their entire life. According to one Black Friday shopper, he didn’t know what came over him when he suddenly punched a man who tried stealing an Xbox 360 from a young boy.

While his intentions may have been genuine, he could have definitely handled the situation a lot better.


Cover Your Eyes, It’s Pepper Spray Galore

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When you think of pepper spray, you usually relate it to being used in the event of self-defense, not during Black Friday as you browse the aisles of your local Walmart.

However, as it turns out, Black Friday really does bring out the worst in people as one particular case saw an LA shopper pepper spray 20 other shoppers—children included—as they tried to score a bargain at the video game section. In what is seemly the most disturbing fact about this case, is that the woman was able to purchase her goods and leave the store without being caught.

Whether she began feeling guilty about her actions or was simply forced to do so by friends and family, the woman did eventually turn herself into police and admitted to the crime.


Don’t Be Surprised If You Come In Contact With Some Feces

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As we all know, children aren’t exactly the best at holding the contents of their bladders—especially younger kids. So, you can just imagine what happened when a young girl began complaining about using the bathroom all while the mother ignored her and told her to wait until they got home.

Well, you guessed it, for one unfortunate Black Friday worker, the young girl eventually ended up peeing all over his station, while the mother did nothing at all. The worker claimed that after the incident, the woman simply paid, grabbed her items, and mentioned that he should clean that up as she walked out the door.

People have even been known to drop their pants in public and take a dump—which is especially common as people wait and in line and don’t want to lose their spot.

If your one for cleanliness, you may want to avoid this year’s Black Friday at all cost.


One Customer Nearly Had Their Jugular Pieced By A Pen

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This particular Black Friday story demonstrates the perfect example of a worst-case scenario going wrong. As just after the sales started, people quickly raced to get their hands on the store's deals, ultimately causing one lady to get knocked down to the floor and the pen that she was holding went straight through her neck.

The most disturbing part though is that not one single person stopped to help the poor lady, as they were all too focused on grabbing their deals and simply stepped over her. Even when the ambulance crew arrived on site, they too had to push people out of the way as nobody wanted to move.

If you’re thinking about heading out this Black Friday, don’t expect anybody to lend a helping hand.


People Shove Some Pretty Weird Stuff Down Their Pants

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Black Friday really does bring out the crazy in everyone as one Black Friday worker shared a rather funny—yet disturbing—experience that he witnessed while working the holiday at Sam’s Club.

According to the worker, the staff noticed something wasn’t quite right in the freezer section as they caught a woman shoving frozen lobster tails down the front of her pants. To make matters worse, the woman was unpackaging each lobster tail and throwing the rubbish inside of stack of tires that were on display. Talk about unsanitary.

Another worker even claimed that one guy went as far as to shove a Blu-ray player into the front of his pants. He was eventually caught though, because, well, a giant square bulge isn’t exactly subtle.


Grandma VS Grandma Brawls

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As it turns out, not even the elderly are safe from the craziness of Black Friday as some workers have reported that the seemly innocent old ladies are some of the worst offenders when it comes to Black Friday violence.

One worker even claimed that a little old lady punched a teenage boy in the face as he picked up the last radio. Showing no remorse, she snatched it from his hands and ran. An 80-year old grandma even tackled and bear-maced a woman over some fleece fabric.

If that wasn't already enough to scare you away, you may even become witness to a Grandma vs Grandma brawl as they aren't exactly uncommon. According to one worker, he once witnessed two elderly ladies battling it out over a cheap radio.

Whether its offensive comments, rude remarks, vulgar language, or even violence, it is quite clear that these old timers are definitely not afraid to get down and dirty.


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