5 Craziest Mansions Celebrities Dropped Big Money To Buy

We have all dreamed of one day owning our very own luxurious mansion, unfortunately, this lifestyle is only ever rewarded on very rare occasions—meaning that most of us will never get to truly experience what life is like for the rich and the famous.

As unfortunate as it is, some celebrities love to flaunt their money and make extravagant purchases. However, some actually prefer to invest their earnings into real-estate in order to generate a profit. The thing about these big fancy investments is that in more cases than not, these homes are often far too big for what they’ll ever need, and let’s be honest, why do you need eight bathrooms anyway?


While some celebrity homes may be much more noteworthy and extravagant than others, some have been able to shell out big money to create the ultimate piece of paradise. Featuring luxury interiors, own ZIP codes, private golf courses and even moats, these five celebrity homes are absolutely crazy!

Will Smith

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Could you imagine owning a home so big that it had its own zip code? Well, that’s the life of Will and Jada Smith as the couple’s 150 acre home is big enough to have its own unique ZIP code. The 25,000 square foot mansion is located in a secluded mountain setting in Calabasas and features an enormous pool, a golf course, basketball court and even a tennis court.

It has been said that the couple had initially paid $20 million for the property and given the price they paid, Will and Jada arguably own one of the coolest celebrity homes.


Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

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After forking out an estimated $20 million to build the luxury LA mansion—or should we say castle—the power couple of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen placed the eight bedroom home for sale for a whopping $50 million, that’s a staggering $30 million in profit.

The luxury 22,000 square foot mansion features a six-car garage, a wine cellar, a state-of-the-art gym, a resort style swimming pool, a castle like play-area for their kids and even a 96,000-gallon moat that surrounds the house.


Tiger Woods

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With an estimated net worth of $740 million, it should come as no surprise that the infamous golfer is living the high life at his luxury Florida mansion on Jupiter Island.

What makes Woods’ house so special is the fact that he has his own private golf course that features four greens, six bunkers with different depths and sands, a video center, and a putting studio.

It has been said that the mansion is now valued up to a whopping $60 million—that’s quite the profit, given that Woods only paid $40 million in 2007.


Hugh Hefner

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While the Playboy Mansion may be home to the famous Playboy Bunnies, you may be surprised to know that the mansion isn’t just worth its price tag because of its women. Instead, the home is filled with a number of luxury facilities such as a wine cellar, swimming pool, game room, waterfall, zoo, aviary, pet cemetery and even tennis courts.

Despite initially being worth a price tag of $50 million, Hefner has since doubled his profit after selling the house for a record breaking $100 million in August 2016.

The Playboy Mansion really does seem to have everything that you could ever desire and let’s be honest, Hugh Hefner is the envy of millions of men around the world as the famous publisher really does seem to be living the dream lifestyle.


Bill Gates

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With a net worth of $83.9 billion, the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is currently the richest man in the United States. So as you would expect from the wealthiest man in America, Bill Gates didn’t skimp on the features when building his $123 million mansion as The Xanadu 2.0 is fitted with all of the latest technology and devices.

Using technology to his advantage, Gates incorporated a number of awesome features into his home such as a high tech sensor system that changes the climate and lighting of a room as the guests move throughout the house, the ability to change artwork on the walls with the touch of a button, a home theatre, and even an a library worth more than $30.8 million.

The property taxes aren’t cheap either, with Gates having to fork over $1 million to cover the taxes In 2016 alone.

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