The 10 Coolest Fidget Spinners, Ranked

10 Coolest Fidget Spinners

Some people say spinning is a fad. Others say it’s a new way of life. Still more say it’s an important tool for living in a world as wild and hectic as we do today. Whatever the reason, all spinners can agree that if you’re going to spin it’s important to look cool while doing it.

There are two ways to achieve coolness in spinning: you can learn some crazy tricks to wow your friends, or you can get a spinner with a distinct look. And if you’re searching for a fine looking spinner, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 of the coolest spinners money can buy.

10. Accmor LED spinners

Accmor Spinner
via Amazon

If there’s one way to stand out from a crowd, it’s to shine just a little brighter than everyone else. What better way to shine brightly than to literally blind people with LED lights? The Accmor spinner isn’t quite that powerful, but it has all the great spin and balance you expect from most tri-spinners, but with the added bonus of LED lights on the end of each prong, the effects of which can be dazzling.

9. The Newton

via thingiverse.com

For physics nerds, the Newton spinner is the spinner for you. Each arm is a different length, giving the spinner a unique feel. Unique doesn’t mean poor, though, since the Newton has ceramic bearings and precision engineered balance for a surprisingly long spin time.

If you’re a bit of an engineer and own a 3D-printer you can even build one yourself.

8. Genji Ninja Star Fidget Spinner

Genji Spinner
via gamingtoy.com

If you’re a gamer then you might recognize this particular spinner, but even if you don’t this is still a cool spinner. Modeled after the shuriken thrown by Genji from the game Overwatch, this spinner is made with stainless steel bearings and a metal alloy body to give it some heft. Despite its dangerous appearance, the edges are not sharp but the pointed ends may still cause injury for younger children.

7. Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra

Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra
via Amazon

Sometimes you just gotta let your colors show, and the Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra is the perfect spinner to do it. This stainless steel spinner has been painted with beautiful pearlescent enamel that shimmers in the light. Not only that, the precision bearing system gives it ultra-long spin times. Function and aesthetics have come together to make a truly impressive spinner.

6. Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro I5

Infinity Spinner Pro
via nsaia1 on YouTube

It may not look like much, but the Infinity Spinner Pro is designed for maximum spin times. Advertised with a spin of over 5 minutes, the matte carbon finish and perfectly engineered bearings give this spinner unparalleled performance. At thirty bucks this spinner is getting a little pricey, but you’re paying for quality. This is the perfect spinner for those looking to learn tricks.

5. Gorilla Spinners

Gorilla Spinner
via Unbox Junkie on YouTube

While we’re on the topic of spin time, Gorilla Spinners has a toy that may not get the longest spin but aims to have the smoothest. The weighted balls in each arm of the spinner distribute the weight outward, so the momentum keeps the spinner at maximum speed for as long as possible. They’re also really cool looking. Once again, you’ll take a hit to the wallet with this spinner at nearly 50 bones.

4. FQ777 Spinner

via Ali Express

Something that’s been missing from all these spinners so far is customizability. Well, no longer, since the FQ777 lets you decide what kind of spinner you’d like. Want a standard 3-armed spinner? Just take off three of the weights and you’re good to go. Rather a straight, 2-armed spinner? Extract 4 and just leave the arms on opposite ends. You can even have oddly-weighted or imbalanced designs if you’re up to the challenge.

3. BOKATE Crusader EDC Spinner

via eBay

Ninja stars and crazy engineering may not be your thing. If you’re spinner desires harken back to days of yore, then BOKATE’s Crusader spinner might be the spinner you long for. Each end is stylized like a paladin’s shield and is sure to draw eyes and attention. It also has a high-performance bearing for some pretty substantial spin times.

2. Yomaxer Wood Tri-Spinner

via Yomaxer.com

For the aspiring hipster, Yomaxer makes a three-armed spinner made entirely out of wood. But don’t let the material fool you - the compressed particle board has been heavily treated and is never at risk of splintering even after heavy use. If you’re not into the myriad plastic spinners and metal makes you feel a little uneasy, this wooden toy might be right up your alley.

1. Aventador Spinner

via stealthspinnersDOTcom

Modeled after the extreme styling of a Lamborghini, the Aventador spinner is striking, to say the least. Not only does it feature some the best spin times on this list, it’s also easy to disassemble for regular maintenance. And you’ll definitely want to maintain this spinner with a price tag of nearly 60 dollars. But sometimes, that’s just the price you pay to stand out from the crowd.

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