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Cheated Wife Destroys Husband’s BMW On Video

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Cheated Wife Destroys Husband’s BMW On Video

Via Mr Paveeman Everyday Life Of Travellers And Gypsies on YouTube

It’s a scene straight out of the first moments of a romantic comedy. You know, the ones where the wife is cheated on and goes on a rampage, destroying the soon to be ex-husband’s most prized possession.

A video on YouTube shows what happens to a jilted spouse after her husband cheats on her after 10 years of marriage.

The YouTube description reads: “Traveller Woman Breaks Up Her Husbands BMW After She Finds Out Her Husband Was CHEATING on Her After 10 Years Of Marriage!!” It appears to be a channel dedicated to mobile home owners. 


Unfortunately, the audio is garbled because it was filmed on a windy day, but from what we can gather, the woman’s husband “Michael” left a bar with several women on a Tuesday night and never returned home. Later in the video, the spouse says he went home with as many as eight women to “get a bit of head.”

That’s when the woman exclaims “been married 10 years and I never broke nuthin’ in me whole life,” before she raises the sledgehammer to bring it crashing down on her husband’s already shattered front windshield.

The car appears to be a well maintained BMW 316d, the cheapest of the BMW 3 series, and sure to lose a ton of value after the rampaging spouse is done with it.

As a testament to German engineering, the wife seems to have trouble even denting the side doors with the full force of her sledgehammer, all the while screaming, “Trust me, no one’s gonna have you by the time I’m finished with you. There’s not one person who’s gonna have you!”

She eventually gives up trying to smash the side windows and settles for breaking the rearview mirror.


It’s clear that much of the car had been damaged before the video began, as she later grabs the camera and moves to the back of the sedan to portray a completely smashed rear window. Shattered glass litters the interior of the car as well as the pavement surrounding the car.

“That’s what cost you for your one night,” she yells as she slams the sledgehammer on the hood of the beemer, denting it as it’s thrown off camera. “I hope on the almighty Jesus that is well worth it.”

Of course a video this passionate couldn’t end without a naked threat, her final words being, “If I was you I’d get a CCTV for your trailer because if I find you inside I’m burning you in it!”

A follow-up video reveals the car to be totally destroyed, and the spouse saying she will file for divorce.

If the rom-com angle holds, she’ll meet a whacky new man while she’s vacationing in the Caribbean.

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