Chilling Photo Of Charles Manson Chained To Deathbed Surfaces [PHOTO]

A chilling photo of Charles Manson on his deathbed has surfaced, but questions remain about its authenticity.

The notorious cult leader who ordered his followers to kill nearly a dozen people died on Nov. 19, 2017. A photo that purports to be of Manson on his deathbed has been obtained by the Daily Mail, showing a withered and listless Manson chained to his hospital bed. A breathing tube and all manner of medical machinery kept the murderer clinging to life as the photo was taken, supposedly minutes before he died last month.


However, the objectionably poor photograph has yet to be independently verified, fueling speculation that it could be an artist’s rendering. It’s difficult to find a single camera in 2017 that could possibly take such grainy photograph even in poor light conditions, which this photo doesn’t suffer from given the bright sunlight coming in through the open window.

Regardless of whether or not the photo is proven authentic, it paints a macabre picture of Manson’s final moments.

Manson died at age 83 while being treated for an undisclosed medical condition at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California. His official cause of death was “natural causes” but Manson was admitted to the same medical center earlier this year with an intestinal bleed. He was deemed too frail for surgery, and he was sent back to Corcoran State Prison.


In November, anonymous sources confirmed that Manson returned to Kern Medical and was likely in his final moments.

In the days following Manson’s death questions swirled on who would inherit his estate. Three parties came forward claiming to either have blood ties to the psychopathic killer or a will stating they were the sole heir.

Jason Freeman claims to be Manson’s grandson, born from Manson’s first son, Charles Manson Jr. A former oil rig worker and MMA fighter, Freeman began a GoFundMe campaign to fund his trip to California to both prove he was Manson’s blood relative and claim his body. However, the GoFundMe was taken down shortly after launching, leaving his status in limbo.

Matthew Roberts claims to be Manson’s son from his second wife and direct blood heir. He also claims to have Manson’s most recent will, written in January 2017, which would give him the best legal standing to claim Manson’s estate.

Michael Channels one of Manson’s pen pals and claims that he has a will dated from 2002 that gives him all of Manson’s possessions. Even before his death, Channels obtained Manson’s dentures and necklace which he sold to a Las Vegas museum.


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Chilling Photo Of Charles Manson Chained To Deathbed Surfaces [PHOTO]