Children Of Big Celebrities Work Milan Fashion Show

Children Of Big Celebrities Work Milan Fashion Show

The children of some of the biggest names in show business walked the runways in Milan last Saturday at Dolce & Gabbana’s Winter/Fall fashion show.

If you ever needed more proof that high fashion and nepotism walk hand in hand, look no further than Dolce & Gabbana Winter/Fall fashion show which just took place on January 13th. The sons of six actors, rappers, and famous musicians strutted their stuff on the runway to show off D&B’s upcoming line of attire for later seasons of 2018.

What big names are we talking about? Well, there’s the DNA of James Marsden, Daniel Day-Lewis, Pierce Brosnan, Jude Law, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and “P. Diddy” Sean Coombs.

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First up was Christian Coombs, the youngest of P. Diddy’s six children, and still getting his modeling legs under him after making his catwalk debut last June. Since then he’s done two more shows, with this one making his third. The aspiring rapper and current model hopes to one day have his own line of clothing on his famous dad’s label, Sean John.

Next was Gabriel Lewis, son of actor Daniel Day-Lewis, and already an established model in his own right. Gabriel shares his father’s striking good looks and even more striking eyebrows while he strutted down the runway wearing an outfit that seemed like it would be right at home in some modern re-telling of a Shakespearean play.


Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had two sons represented in the D&G fashion show: 21-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee and 20-year-old Dylan Jagger Lee. Both of them are also established models, although Dylan usually walks for Saint Laurent while Brandon has been with Dolce & Gabbana for some time.

Paris Brosnan
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Pierce Brosnan’s son Paris is the youngest example of celebrity genes turned models. His older brother, Dylan Brosnan, already models for Saint Laurent. Paris just signed a contract with Next Models, so expect to see more of him on the catwalks in the future.

Rounding out the lot is Jude Law’s son Rafferty, 21, who has definitely nailed the baby-face look. D&G used his soft blue eyes and pouty lips to contrast with the aristocratic and regal outfit wearing a fur-lined jacket and enough bling to sink a ship.

The big takeaway from the fashion show is that slippers are in and laces are out, so bust out those loafers you’ve tucked away in your closet and strut in style.


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