Celebrities Who Don't Take Breakups Easily

Justin Bieber

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The "Biebs" refuses to give up hope on rekindling the romance with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The couple has gone through many public breakups, but this time Gomez says it is for real, as she vacations in Europe. Justin, on the other hand, is convinced the flame isn't out. Recently, he has been posting pictures of Selena on social media and commenting about their "unconditional love." Will his public professions of love bring Selena back?

Katy Perry

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It's been three years since comedian, Russell Brand, filed for divorce from pop star, Katy Perry, but she says she can still recall the heartbreak. She says it has taken a lot of therapy and growth to move on. Unfortunately, the wounds may never heal as she has recently went through another public breakup with singer, John Mayer.

Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke has blurred lines when it comes to the meaning of divorce. Actress and ex-wife, Paula Patton has filed for divorce and said she can't deal with Thicke's party guy ways. Thicke refuses to let go of Paula. At every recent concert, he has brought her up and dedicated song after song for her. In fact, it is rumored that his next album will be named "Paula."

Miley Cyrus

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There is no denying that Miley Cyrus has begun making some unusual life choices. After her public split with ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, Miley began acting out (even more than usual) by dabbling with alcohol and drug use. In one of her latest songs, "Wrecking Ball", the lyrics reflect the hurt and pain the breakup has left her with.

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has quite a number of exes and quite a number of love songs to go along with them. Depending on how you look at it, Taylor might take breakups pretty well because she seems to turn them into chart-topping hits. Take for instance her relationship with Twilight star, Taylor Lautner. That doomed relationship inspired Swift's hit, "Back to December" and "The Story of Us."

Elin Nordegren

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Who can forget professional golfer, Tiger Wood's ex-wife? Elin discovered her ex had been cheating on her with many different woman. The drama came to a head when Tiger crashed his SUV into a tree while in an Ambien-induced slumber. Elin was seen attacking him with a golf club. Elin says she was just trying to free him from the wreck debris.

Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin's messy split from Kim Basinger may have taken place in the 90's, but it is still remembered as one of the bitterest celeb breakups. Each blamed the split on the other, Alec blamed Kim's "mental issues" and Kim blamed Alec's "anger issues." The drama reached a high when Alec called his daughter a "rude little pig." in a publicized voicemail. Both have since moved on and now have an amicable relationship.

Sean Penn

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Sean Penn takes us even farther back in time, back to the late 80's. Penn was once married to Madonna and it ended horribly. Sean once scaled a fence at Madonna's house, tied her up and beat her with a baseball bat, saying he owned her. It seems as if Sean not only has anger issues, but an unhealthy attraction to his ex-wife. Oddly enough, the two are now good friends.

Kris Humphries

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Kris Humphries thought he had found the love of his life with Kim Kardashian. After being married for 72 days, Kim filed for divorce. Kris strongly believes that Kim married him only for the attention and refused to sign the divorce papers. Kris fought bitterly for an annulment, but after more than 500 days, he gave in and consented to a divorce.

Heather Mills

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Heather Mills endured a messy divorce from ex-husband, Paul McCartney. She claimed he was drunk, who liked to hide her prosthetic leg from her. The British press labeled her as money hungry, but Mills had the last laugh when the judge ruled in her favor. She not only left the courtroom with 38.5 million dollars, but made sure to throw a glass of water in the opposing lawyer's face.

Shanna Moakler

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Shanna Moakler is the ex-wife of drummer, Travis Barker. After their divorce was settled, Moakler threw a divorce party in Las Vegas. Just when the public thought maybe she was willing to move on, Moakler ran into Barker's rumored new flame, Paris Hilton. She did what any crazy ex-girlfriend would do and punched Hilton in the face. That seems fair, right?

Bridget Moynahan

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You would be unpleasant too if you were pregnant with your ex-boyfriend's baby, while he paraded his new Victoria Secret model girlfriend around town. That's exactly what happened to Moynahan. She had a post-relationship fling with ex, Tom Brady and ended up pregnant. Rumor is she refused to talk to him when the child was born. Who could blame her?

Lindsay Lohan

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It is safe to say Lindsay Lohan has a rough time dealing with life. Her troubled relationship with DJ, Samantha Ronson, was no different. After the couple separated, Lohan refused to let go. She showed up to Ronson's gigs and would throw fits when she saw her hanging out with other woman. Ronson was forced to get a restraining order and Lohan eventually lost interest.

Pilar Sanders

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Pilar Sanders is the ex-wife of hall of fame football player, Deion Sanders. Around the time of their initial separation, Pilar was arrested for assaulting Deion. The couple did have children together and Deion was granted full custody of them. She looks a little too pleased with herself in that mug shot!

Charlie Sheen

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It seems as if Charlie Sheen can't keep from bashing his exes. Granted, his exes aren't exactly angels. Take for instance his relationship with ex-wife Denise Richards. He blasted her on social media, called her poor and a horrible mother. He also ranted about her during his comedy tours. Denise has full custody of their kids and has even taken in his twins from his rocky relationship with Brooke Mueller. The two are now friends.

Marilyn Manson

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Not one to take anything the "normal" way, Marilyn Manson had a unique reaction to breaking up with Evan Rachel Wood. He released the song, "Running To The Edge of The World." The disturbing part is the video that accompanied the song. In the video, Manson beats a woman who looks a lot like Wood.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

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Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes made headlines when her mansion, shared with professional football player, Andre Rison, went up in flames. It seems as if Lopes, angry from a fight, had filled the bathtub with Rison's sneakers and lit them on fire. The fire got out of control and spread throughout the home. This wasn't the first time Lopes had done this, she previously had filled the bathtub with stuffed animals and burned them. A very odd reaction to a lover's quarrel.

Rita Ora

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Despite rumors of a rocky relationship, British singer and actress, Rita Ora was blindsided after ex Calvin Harris broke up with her via Twitter. Days before, Ora had been spotted getting cozy with Justin Bieber, but she swears it was just friendly company. Ora was publicly humiliated by the social media breakup and thought the couple was trying to work on their differences. She has been quoted as saying she will always "treasure the memories" she shared with Harris.

Kristen Stewart

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After catching Kristen in an affair with her current movie director, ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson moved out of their shared home. The Twilight stars had to continue to portray lovers on screen, while their actual relationship crumbled. Kristen has said she not only made a huge mistake and ruined her life, but movie director, Rupert Sander's life as well.

Rupert Sanders

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Rupert Sanders is the other half of the Kristen Stewart affair. After the illicit romance was made public, Sander and his wife, Liberty Ross tried to work through it, but couldn't. Six months after the news broke, Ross filed for divorce and custody of the couple's daughter. Sanders has been quoted as saying his wife and daughter are the most precious things in the world to him and he hopes they will eventually work through this.


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