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5 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Extra Nipples

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5 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Extra Nipples

Via Bravo TV

Celebrities are part of an elite group that society has blessed with fame and sometimes also fortune. This group of celebrities has something even more special. Instead of just having the normal set of two nipples; they have extra nipples. This is a condition that medical scientists call polymastia. It is fairly common and similar to having a birthmark. Having an extra nipple happens in about one in 8,000 people. Hollywood Life says that some celebrities who have this condition enjoy the distinction of being different. Others prefer to cover up the extra nipples with makeup or have them removed.

5. Zac Efron

Via Life & Style

Zac Efron has a third nipple. It is very tiny and almost not noticeable unless one is specifically looking for it. It is located just under his pecs, on the left side when looking at him. Effron has never been shy about it and seems to think it makes him unique in a good way.


4. Carrie Underwood

Via Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood confessed to the judges of American Idol, when she first auditioned for the show, that she had a third nipple at one point in her past. She was self-conscious about it, especially when wearing a two-piece bathing suit. She told everyone it was a mole. Because she did not like the look of it, she had it surgically removed.

3. Lily Allen

Via YouTube

Lily Allen has a third nipple on the side of one of her breasts. When wearing revealing clothes, she covers it up with makeup. The photo shows a mark at the approximate location of where she described when talking to reporters about it.

2. Mark Wahlberg

Via Tumbler

Mark Wahlberg had a third nipple. When looking at him, one can see it is located just under his right pecs. He never made any attempt to hide it and is quite proud of it. This unique characteristic makes him feel special. Another thing that is cool about Mark is that he was recently quoted as saying he loves his “dad” bod and does not think the change of his physique is a negative thing. It just is something that happens when anyone gets older.

Of course, few of his fans from the early days can forget how buff he was. When he dropped his trousers at concerts while performing in Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, fans would hoot and holler. When he became the poster boy for Calvin Klein underwear, that was an iconic image with the third nipple airbrushed out.


1. Harry Styles

Via Pinterst

Harry Styles, formerly of the band One Direction and now a solo artist, is the leader of the extra nipples group because he has four nipples. His two extra nipples can be seen in photos when he is swimming. He likes them and says he must have been a twin; however, his twin went away and left his nipples behind. Harry also says that the two extra nipples are a bit smaller than his other ones, so he does not look like a cow.

About twenty years ago on the popular television show Friends, the character on the show named Chandler Bing dealt with this issue by deciding to undergo surgery to have his third nipple removed. Other celebrities who have this condition include Joana Krupa, Tilda Swinton, and the late Bill Paxton.

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