Cash Me Outside Girl Teases Scholarship To School She'll Never Get Into

Could the Cash Me Outside Girl get into Harvard?

That’s the question fans were asking after Danielle Bregoli, aka the Cash Me Outside Girl—and now Bhad Barbie—posted a photo of herself holding a Harvard t-shirt to her Instagram account last week. The t-shirt was emblazoned with the Harvard logo along with “future freshman” written beneath.

Her Instagram post was captioned with "giving away my full ride scholarship to Harvard to da best fan video of #igotit", referring to her latest music video.

Fans were immediately abuzz at the surprise contest, however, some were skeptical. Bregoli has been known to play with her nearly 12 million Instagram followers before.

A cameraman with TMZ caught up with Bhad Barbie outside a New York department store and asked her if she had indeed been given a full scholarship to the Ivy League school.


"Harvard, y'see - I got a scholarship - I'm just playing. I didn't really get no scholarship to Harvard,” replied Bregoli, admitting to her ruse.

When pressed if she’d ever attend Harvard, given a scholarship or otherwise, Bregoli said, "I'm not going to Harvard," contending she’d be a bad fit for the institution.

Given the fact that Bregoli is only 14, it seemed highly unlikely any college or university would be willing to offer her a scholarship, regardless of how successful her music career has become.

Bregoli began her music career back in 2016 with a number of collaborations with other rappers. In September this year, she released her first single, titled “These Heaux” (pronounced “hoes”), which launched her career as an artist. Soon after she was given a multi-million dollar record deal with Atlantic Records, signing her name as “Bhad Barbie” on the contract.

From there, Bregoli has been releasing a steady stream of rap songs. Her latest music video, “I Got It”, features Bregoli throwing around money while female models iron the dollar bills she tosses away.

Bregoli seems to have something big in store as well, as she’s deleted all her previous posts on Instagram. The only one left is a bizarre and mildly disturbing video which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Fans are speculating whether or not her account has been hacked or if this is a teaser for a new song.

See for yourself below.


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Cash Me Outside Girl Teases Scholarship To School She'll Never Get Into