Calvin Klein Features All Kardashian-Jenner Sisters In Latest Ad

The internet-breaking powers of the Kardashians have faded over the years, but they can still create a stir once in a while. In the latest attempt to exploit their famous looks, all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters appear united in the latest advertisements for Calvin Klein.

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The new ad campaign for “Our Family #MYCALVINS” is based on family and a solidarity that cannot be broken. The ad also embraces classic Americana, with a country theme, and traditionally handmade textiles like the quilt.


The photos were taken in a rural setting, with a barn as a backdrop. The photographer, Willy Vanderperre, has also shot ads for Prada and Vogue. He photographed a similar setting before, last November for CK, which included Solange Knowles, Dev Hynes, Kelela, and other members of their record label.

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Several poses of the Kardashian-Jenner shoot were published, with some more revealing than others. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie appear quite casual. The colors are very basic, in either white, black or denim. In alternating photographs, one of the sisters is usually seen with no top, strategically hiding herself with a garment or a quilt.

The biggest story here is Kylie, who is pregnant, and does not allow her baby bump to show. Much like the other sisters, who have hidden their tops, Kylie hides her belly with a blanket, or a clever pose in the shadow of another sister. The shoot was done last October when the bump just barely began. The bump-hiding methods may have been used to make the photos appear more topical than they are, and to stir up some extra publicity.

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Perhaps even more provocative than the photos, is the marketing video that accompanies the ad. The camera rolls as the sisters play “Never Have I Ever,” and reveal some cute and personal details. The thirty-second video shows all of the sisters, lying on their backs, under a cozy quilt. Kim begins by stating that she never got a tattoo. Then Kendall chimes in, saying she has never dyed her hair. Then, Kourtney proclaims she’s never jumped out of a plane. Their comments are by no means scandalous, and the video is properly executed, to reinforce the humble “Our Family” tone.

Even with her sisters in tow, Kim didn’t break the internet this time. There's been some protest about "heavy photoshopping," but nothing too outrageous. The Calvin Klein photo shoot is revealing, in a dignified way. Perhaps this ad marks the passage of a more mature Kardashian gang. But we can always look back at those Paper Magazine shoots, with Kim’s champagne-popping and glitter mastery, and fondly reminisce.


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