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Brown Bear Rides Shotgun On Motorcycle On Public Street

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Brown Bear Rides Shotgun On Motorcycle On Public Street

We’ve come to expect a lot of crazy things from Russia. There was the meteor explosion from a few years ago, a T-80 tank that seemed to magically upend itself in the middle of the road, and the hundreds of car crash videos featuring Russia’s famously inebriated drivers. But this latest video from the Motherland easily takes the cake.

From Syktyvkar Russia comes a video featuring a bear riding a motorcycle. He’s only riding sidecar, and not actually driving the motorcycle since even in Russia they’re not crazy enough to let a bear drive, but it’s still quite the sight for a Saturday morning commute.

via ViralHog on YouTube

Nicholas Pasynkov was driving along in Syktyvkar when he noticed something unusual in the adjacent lane. When he saw the unmistakable shaggy brown fur of a bear, he quickly grabbed his phone to take a video of the adorable passenger. You can tell by the shocked tones of the video that a bear on the streets is an unusual sight indeed.

Of course, this was no ordinary bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar. It was Tim, the trained circus bear. You can see his trainer riding on the back seat in the yellow coat, who pets and feeds Tim snacks on their travels.

Even for a trained circus bear, Tim was remarkably well behaved for traveling at velocities no bear was ever intended to go. He even waves at passersby like a true road-hog. Or road-bear, or whatever you call a bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar.

Tim is part of a traveling circus act called the Polar Wolves Bike Club, who travel from town to town in Northern Russia. Not to be confused with the Night Wolves motorcycle club, which is a Hell’s Angels inspired gang of rock-music-loving Russian nationalists who recently participated in the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by attacking a natural gas facility in Sevastopol.


Lucky for us, Tim has no such desires to Asiatic hegemony. He’s just a bear who loves riding his motorcycle to the shock and awe of everyone around him.

The video was uploaded by Igor Novikov from Arkhangelsk Oblast, a federal subject (province) of Russia.

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