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Britney Spears Fan Jumps On Stage, Gets Destroyed By Security

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Britney Spears Fan Jumps On Stage, Gets Destroyed By Security

Via Billboard

A Britney Spears fan jumped on stage at her concert and quickly found out what happens when you try to bum-rush the singer as her security team and dancers destroyed the unwelcomed guest.

Via Youtube

According to TMZ, the incident went down on Aug. 9, 2017,  during her “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood. After she finished performing the song “Till the World Ends” 37-year-old Jess Webb decided to run up on stage. Her dancers and security team quickly tackled him before he got anywhere near the singer. He did though seem to get in a few good kicks and screams before being ejected from the show.


Concertgoers caught the entire incident on video and it quickly spread via social media. Spears can be seen completely unaware of what was happening behind her. The singer is can be seen talking to the crowd asking, “Are you guys having fun?” It wasn’t until two of her security guards surrounded her to inform her of the occurring incident, that she became frightened. She can be heard saying “Is everything ok.” She rightly freaks out for a minute when she thinks he has a weapon,“He’s got a gun?”

Webb was reportedly acting disorderly during the show and was asked to leave by security. However, instead of doing what he was asked, he decided to bum-rush the stage. He was arrested for trespassing. Although Spears was concerned about he intruder having a gun, it turns out she had no reason to worry. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department revealed that no weapons were found on him.

It is unclear exactly why the man rushed the stage when asked to leave. However he is reportedly still in police custody, so more details may emerge as the police question him.

Britney Spears got more than she bargained for at her first show back in Las Vegas. The singer took the summer to tour in Asia. Thankfully, her team acted quickly and no one was injured when a disorderly fan jumped on stage disrupting the show for a few minutes. Being the superstar that she is, Spears continued on after the disruption like nothing had happened.

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