Blac Chyna Allegedly Tried To Steal Rob Kardashian's Range Rover

Custody negotiations between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian for their baby daughter are apparently not going well.

According to witnesses speaking with TMZ, Chyna tried to drive away with Kardashian’s car after custody talks ended without either side budging.

Both Kardashian and Chyna were spotted entering the Century City law offices last Friday afternoon to try and reach an amicable custody arrangement for their 10-month-old daughter Dream. Chyna arrived with a retinue of five lawyers, including her lead attorney Lisa Bloom, while Kardashian waited in his attorney’s office.

Witnesses claimed the two spent hours inside the building but neither side was willing to compromise. That’s when Kardashian called down to have his Range Rover brought to valet parking.


Then, Chyna was spotted leaving the offices visibly upset and spotted Rob’s car still at the valet stand. Witnesses then say she entered the Rover, and only one of Chyna’s lawyers kept her from committing grand theft auto. She left the car with the help of the valet after her lawyer told her "that's not a good idea".

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The Range Rover was originally a gift from Chyna to celebrate her relationship, and it may have been Kardashian’s intention to rub it in her face after the meeting. Chyna herself received both a Lamborghini and a Ferrari from Kardashian, however, she returned them following the breakup.

Speaking to TMZ, Lisa Bloom denies that Chyna got inside Kardashian’s car and also denies she ever intended to steal it. She did confirm that Chyna was certainly agitated following the meeting and that she had some “choice words” for her ex-fiancee.


Kardashian and Chyna have been having a very public custody battle over their newborn daughter. Last July, Kardashian posted a long-winded rant on Instagram and Twitter slamming Chyna as an unfit mother, accusing her of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as several indiscretions while the two were still a couple. He also posted naked pictures of Chyna to social media, something that is prohibited by California’s revenge-porn laws.

Since then, a California judge has granted her a restraining order that prevents Kardashian from making any more social media posts regarding Chyna, as well as ensures he keeps his distance from the former model.

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