Bill Gates Backed Burgers Will Change Aisles In Major Chain

The new veggie burger funded by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is now coming to a store near you.

It’s called the Beyond Burger, and it claims to be the veggie burger to convert even the most ardent carnivore. Considering Canada and the U.S.A eat more meat per capita than anywhere else in the world, that’s a high bar to hurdle.

Created by alternative foods company Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger was first sold last year at Whole Foods in Boulder Colorado—precisely where one would expect to find a high-tech meat alternative. After a successful trial, it was then rolled out to 350 more Whole Foods locations across the country as well as 280 Safeways.

Now, the Beyond Burger is launching in over 600 stores owned by Kroger, as well as eight BurgerFi locations.

The Beyond Burger is sold in two, 4-ounce patty packages for $5.99, which is roughly twice the price of an equivalent raw beef burger. Beyond Meat is hoping the draw of a healthier, more ecological alternative to beef will be enough of a draw to get some people to switch.

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While it may not taste the same as a beef burger, it certainly looks similar to a beef patty. It’s made from pea protein, yeast extract, and coconut oil, with beet juice to give it a reddish color and some juiciness. It even sizzles when thrown on a grill, and maintains that juiciness far better than any other veggie burger out there, which typically turn into cardboard wafers once they touch flames.

The texture of the Beyond Burger is remarkably close to the real thing, but the taste and smell set it apart from both beef and regular veggie burgers. It also contains more protein, but also more sodium and calories than a regular beef burger.


You also won’t find this burger in the frozen food section like normal veggie burgers. The Beyond Burger is found in the meat aisle right next to the beef patties.

Beyond Meat is generating a lot of hype among vegetarians with their new burger, as well as gaining a lot of high profile investors like Gates, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and of course The Humane Society.

If it takes off, there’s hope the Beyond Burger can even take a bite out of climate change. Meat production is a huge polluter, with livestock accounting for 18% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

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