Bill Cosby Hires Michael Jackson's Lawyer For Retrial

Renowned defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau will defend American comedian Bill Cosby in his sexual assault retrial. Mesereau is best known for defending Robert Blake when he was accused of murdering his wife, and Michael Jackson in his child molestation case.

According to TMZ, Cosby announced his new legal representation on Twitter, which includes former federal prosecutor Kathleen Bliss, prominent Pennsylvania attorneys Sam Silver, and Mesereau. Kathleen Bliss has her own law boutique firm in Las Vegas, while Silver is the co-owner of Center City’s Schnader law firm. Attorneys Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa represented Cosby in the past but reported they won’t represent him during his retrial.

Cosby is accused of drugging and molesting former operations manager for Temple University’s women’s basketball team, Andrea Constand at his Pennsylvania home in 2004. This isn’t the only case against him as Cosby is accused by more than 50 women of charges ranging from groping, rape, and molestation. The first trial of the case ended 52 hours after of debate, but failed to reach a conclusion.

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Mesereau is a Los Angeles-based lawyer and is known for his unconventional ways of work. He has worked with singer and songwriter Michael Jackson, actor Robert Blake, boxer Mike Tyson, and Playboy model Danielle Mathers in the past. Mesereau is usually very friendly with the media, and in 2015 revealed that he would like to defend Cosby in court.


In an interview in January 2016, Mesereau said that he finds Cosby and Michael Jackson’s trials very similar. When Jackson was accused of molesting a child, the story became one of the most talked about accusations for years, similar to Crosby's case. When the trial began, Mesereau didn’t know much about Cosby but believed that he deserved a fair trial. In July 2017, Mesereau said that Cosby’s case is a weak one and the court is just wasting time over it. He believes the court should let Cosby live his life peacefully by dropping the case.

The 80-year old comedian refused of all the wrongdoings and pleaded not guilty for assaulting Constand.

Cosby wasn’t present at the first trial, but his former attorneys said that there might be a possibility of him attending the second one. Neither Cosby nor Mesereau commented when asked about their approach for the retrial.

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