Best Ways To Break Up With A Person

Breaking up isn't hard; it’s only hard when you want to be nice about it. That's harsh, and so is the list you're about to read. Proceed with caution because your future ex will never get back together with you unless you achieved fame or success. Ouch! Let the break up ideas begin.

1. Send Them A Meme

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2. You Could Always Tweet It So The World Can See

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3. Break Up In A Group Chat Message That Includes: You, Him, And 4 New Potential Mates

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4. Hold High A Break Up Sign During A Kiss Cam

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5. Let Your New Companion Tell Him/Her

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6. Order Take Out And Have The Message Delivered

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7. Tell Them When They're On Their Way To Work

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8. Tell Them During A Trust Circle Confession

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9. Break Up Via Skype

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10. Lesson The Blow With A Funny Joke

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