Bella Thorne's Latest Controversy— Her Lips

People noticed something a little different about Bella Thorne over the weekend.

The 20-year-old actress appeared at Jingle Ball in Los Angeles last Friday with lips that seemed noticeably fuller than Thorne’s usual set of flappers. Appearing next to Midnight Sun co-star Patrick Schwarzenegger made them seem even puffier, and fans couldn’t help but notice.

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Some accused Thorne of pulling a Kylie Jenner and getting her lips artificially pumped with injections.

Screams of fake lips filled social media over the weekend after Bella posted a selfie to her Instagram with her weirdly filled smackers. Soon after, Instagram users began to flood the post with comments like “WTF with her lips” and “your lips look terrible.” Instagram user mileycyrusggg was especially harsh, writing, “I wanna talk with whoever tf that does your makeup.”


So what actually caused Thorne’s lips to blow up like slobbery balloons? It wasn’t injections - it was just boring old allergies.


Before making her Jingle Ball post Bella threw up a selfie that gave the whole sordid story. Apparently, she ate something she was allergic to, and it caused her lips to swell up. A video of her pointing at her lips and asking, “What am I supposed to do with this thing,” was posted earlier and had lips even fatter than the ones she debuted at Jingle Ball.

Luckily for Thorne, someone must have given her an antihistamine as her gobstoppers were noticeably flatter by the time she made her walk down the red carpet. Either that, or she just took a needle to let them deflate naturally.



Besides briefly sporting lips the size of Kansas, the big news with Bella Thorne is her new movie. Titled Midnight Sun, it stars Thorne opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger in a romantic drama.


Thorne plays Katie, a woman diagnosed with a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight due to a genetic disorder. She stays at home with her dad all day, unable to live a normal life, and goes out at night to play guitar for travelers at the train station. One day, she meets Charlie, played by Schwarzenegger, who takes an interest in the crimson-haired crooner as she tries to hide her condition while their relationship grows.


The movie is tagline “love will light the way”, which pretty much tells you where the whole plot is going.

Midnight Sun hits theatres March 23, 2018.


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