Drunk Flying: Former Beer CEO Arrested For Piloting A Helicopter While Intoxicated

Former Anheuser-Busch CEO was arrested in Swansea, Illinois for trying to fly a helicopter in an intoxicated state. The prosecutors are waiting for toxicology reports to come and after that they will they press charges. The former CEO spent the entire Monday night in police custody.

On Monday afternoon around 1 pm, a helicopter landed in the parking lot for unknown reasons. The local police department had received a call regarding it. Officers from the Swansea Police Department arrived shortly after the helicopter landed and the Federal Aviation Administration was called to investigate. The police are still unclear if the former Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV was piloting the helicopter.

Around 8 pm, the Swansea Police Department received a call. The caller described that a pilot had returned to the aircraft and looked very much intoxicated. The police department said that by the time a squad car reached there the helicopter's rotors were already spinning and the engine was revving up.

In the aircraft, Busch was accompanied by a woman who identified herself as his wife.

Busch was arrested after the police conducted a series of field sobriety tests and took him to the hospital for blood, urine and breath tests. He was in custody until Tuesday morning.

Via: stltoday.com

After checking the helicopter, the police found various medicine prescriptions, a pepper spray gun, and three loaded firearms. Busch told the police that he had a concealed carry license in Missouri and was carrying the gun on his own.

Swansea Police Chief Steve Johnson said in a statement that this isn’t a normal case a street police handles. The safety and security of the community, pilot, and passengers were of utmost importance.

Cam Wiggs was working in his office in the parking lot when the helicopter landed there. Wiggs told CNN that it is the weirdest thing he has ever seen. He said that it was a shaky landing and that is why he assumed it to be an emergency landing.

Busch chose to not comment on the incident. He was named the CEO of the American brewing behemoth in 2006, but the company was taken over by Belgium’s InBev in 2008.

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